teen mom jordan '16 and Pregnant' returns: Check in on Jordan, Noah, and the sibling rivalryMTV’s bizarre breakout reality hit “16 and Pregnant” returned to the network Tuesday night with its Season 3 premiere featuring expectant teen mother Jordan, whose twin sister, Jessica, seems to resent Jordan’s pregnancy and her live-in boyfriend.

While Jessica tried to be understanding — and clearly loves her new nephew — it was tough for her to watch her sister drift away from her as Jordan’s focus centered on the baby. Tensions in the house rose during the simplest daily tasks like changing diapers. In one example, Jordan offered to teach Jessica how to change a diaper (super fun times!) but ended up practically pushing Jessica out of the room when her boyfriend, Brian, came in to help instead.

“You don’t need me,” Jessica said sadly.

“I do need you!” Jordan retorted. “It’s just, it’s hard to use everyone’s help, because I have Brian, who has to learn it first. You do care. Why are you crying so much?”

“What if it was me that had the baby and I had my boyfriend here and you didn’t need me?” Jessica sobbed.

Poor Jordan. Lots of babies to deal with.

“I just want it to go back to when it was just me and her,” Jessica cried to her grandmother later.

Dealing with baby Noah’s acid reflux was difficult on Jordan. “I thought he would be perfect,” she tells MTV. “I was like, why is he crying so much? I kept telling my grandma, I think he has acid reflux. The medicine wasn’t working so he had to get hospitalized. It was a little annoying because I was trying to tell the doctors he has acid reflux, and they were like, give it time.”

Now Jordan, Brian, and Noah are getting ready to start a new life in California… without her sister. Brian has joined the air force, and baby Noah is “growing and happy,” according to Jordan. “We’ll be moving at the end of the summer,” she says. “We’ll be moving to California without Jessie. I don’t think it’s kicked in. When I start packing more I think it’ll really hit her.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie