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Yes, the 12 new girls profiled in Season 4 of MTV’s “16 and Pregnant” will deal with the same problems as the three previous seasons of teen moms dealt with. But in a new trailer for the latest season of the reality hit, one of the moms-to-be has slightly different issues.
“I can’t model anymore; I can’t cage fight; I can’t do anything I normally would do,” laments one of the new subjects.
Some of her fellow Season 4 castmates are dealing with slightly more difficult problems, including one teen mom whose fiance passes away, and another whose boyfriend gets into a serious accident. There’ll also be some contemplation of adoption.
While we felt a little turned off by some of the selfish personalities profiled in Season 3 of the show, this new trailer reminds us why we initially started watching. Sign us up for the Season 4 premiere on March 27!
Posted by:Jean Bentley