16 lb baby 16 pound baby born in Texas, woman cuts off husband's genitals, stories unrelated.To kick off today’s dose of weird and wacky news, we’ll make the joke everyone’s making, just to get it out of the way: Everything’s bigger in Texas!

A 16 lb. baby was born in the Lone Star State on Friday — with head and chest measurements befitting a three- to six-month baby. JaMichael Brown may be the largest baby ever born in Texas, the Daily Mail reports.

“The doctor told us he was going be about 12lbs, but when he pulled him out it was as different story,” says dad Michael Brown, whose wife Janet delivered their son via cesarean section.

Janet says, “I can’t believe he’s that big. A lot of the baby clothes we bought for him will have to be returned. They’re already too small for him to wear.” The hospital didn’t even have diapers on hand big enough to fit baby JaMichael.

Janet and Michael already have three daughters, and Michael is hoping his first son will grow up to be a football player.

Meanwhile, in surprisingly unrelated news, the LA Times reports that a woman was arrested Monday for cutting off her husband’s penis with a ten-inch kitchen knife. The story gets even more gruesome, if possible.

Allegedly, Catherine Kieu Becker of Orange County is accused of drugging her husband’s dinner, and tying him to his bed. As her husband,  woke up, she chopped off his penis, and threw it into the garbage disposal… which she then ran.

He underwent emergency surgery after police responded to a 911 call to the house.

“The intention by this person was to permanently deprive this victim of his genitalia,” says a spokesperson for the Garden Grove police department.

Uh, yeah. We’d says so.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie