Politics make for a rough game. Fortunately for viewers of “1600 Penn,” that game is also pretty funny at times. Thus, an oh-so-familiar political compromise in order to pass a bill becomes fodder for hilarity on the upcoming “So You Don’t Want to Dance” episode (airing Thursday, Jan. 17).

Get a taste of the political games with this video.

In the video, President Gilchrist (Bill Pullman) and First Lady Emily (Jenna Elfman) have to throw an extravagant gala in order to win the support of the unpleasant Senator Thoroughgood (guest star Stacy Keach), who will be attending with his wife, Bunny (guest star Constance Towers).

In this scene, the President and Emily try to win over Thoroughgood with logic and an appeal to his sense of decency. It doesn’t work so well. Bribery and female submissiveness do seem to go a little further with the Senator, but the fact that they have to later throw the gala does not bode well for these negotiations.

The scene does, however, bring up a few questions:

  • How beneficial to the efficiency of politics would it be if the President could hold senators against their will?
  • How do Hawaiians drive? I am unfamiliar with this particular stereotype.
  • Do most First Ladies know how to make a Sazerac? Assuming that this is, in fact, a cocktail (Obviously, I’m not First Lady material).
  • Will Thoroughgood’s descendants apologize? Or will they be as awful as the old man?

While the President and First Lady deal with the senator, Skip (Josh Gad) has his own tense negotiations: He wants to ask Stacey (guest star Susan Park), the mailroom clerk, to the party.

“1600 Penn” airs Thursday at 9:30pm on NBC.

Posted by:Laurel Brown