Calling all “Battlestar Galactica” fans: The reunion that happens mostly in your dreams could’ve been a reality.

“17th Precinct,” a pilot from “BSG” mastermind Ronald D. Moore, was passed up by NBC for the 2011-2012 but has just leaked online.

That means you can see Jamie Bamber, James Callis and Tricia Helfer — along with help from some actress you might’ve heard of named Stockard Channing — solve crimes in a magical alternate world where a police procedual deals with spells, hexes and necromancy instead of the plain-old boring normal weapons we have in this world.

Everything is explained pretty well considering they had to pack a lot of information to establish this world in just 44 minutes (although there’s no explanation for why Bamber constantly sounds like he has a cold), but we can also see how this could’ve been a tad inaccessible to the everyday TV-watcher.

Still, we’d like to make this perfectly clear, network execs: We woulda watched the crap outta this show.

Actually, it’s probably better this didn’t actually hit the airwaves. It’s too concentrated with awesomeness (so many “BSG” faves, so little time) to have lasted longer than a season anyway.

What do you think of the pilot?

Posted by:Jean Bentley