19 arrested at mall 19 arrested in mall after Mindless Behavior fan event

Fans showed off their Mindless Behavior at an event for the music group over the weekend. There were a total of 19 arrested at a mall in Chicago after an Mindless Behavior autograph session got out of control.

The two-hour meet-and-great for Mindless Behavior, a “family event” attended by a group of around 1,000 people — primarily mothers and girls, ended at around 4 p.m. Chicago police tell WBBM that a group of “older youths” entered the mall at around 4:45 p.m. and started “yelling, running and using foul language” and generally wreaking havoc. That evolved into fights breaking out and vehicles being vandalized, with security guards unable to contain the situation. It got so bad that the bus service had to be temporarily suspended around the Ford City Mall.

“We were lucky we had Chicago police on the premises. They observed what was going on. It was their directive to close the mall early,” senior manager of the mall John Samara tells WBBM. Despite the many arrests, offenders will reportedly only be charged with misdemeanors.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz