duggar family jills bridal shower 19 kids and counting Jill Duggar refines her domestic skills on '19 Kids and Counting'

Jill’s wedding countdown continues at a snail’s pace during Tuesday’s (Oct. 21) “19 Kids and Counting,” with most of the episode serving as a makeshift clip show about her relationship with all of the brothers and sisters of the family. It is yet another stalling tactic by the show as they inch closer to the wedding day but does offer some sweet reminiscing from the Duggar clan. 

The show does a good job here of tying all of Jill’s past experiences to what her future will entail as a wife and mother. Recipes as gifts are nothing new, but needing to scale the recipes down so they are appropriate for two people is unique to this family’s situation and Jill’s specific transition to her new life. 
Imagining her cooking enough food for almost two dozen people as opposed to just two is a funny mental picture, and brings to mind some other times that Jill might have to think twice before doing something for her new husband. 
When doing laundry, she’ll have to remember it will probably only take one or two loads instead of never ending dirty clothing needing to be washed. In the morning, making breakfast and a sack lunch for one person instead of 18 siblings will surely be much more manageable. And of course, her midwifery skills will remain just as important when starting her own family as they have been when helping other sisters-in-law and family members on their big day. 
Most drastically for her, when the couple is married they will no longer be under supervision from the entire Duggar family when spending time together. Not the most important part of their marriage by any means, it will surely be nice for her to be able to “front hug” her husband instead of only “side hugs”. 
Jill is about to undergo a lot of changes in her day-to-day life. With only a few days before the wedding event she seems prepared to leave, but even with the help of 20 people saying goodbye and assisting in the transition there is a lot that will be unexpected for her and Derick. 
Let us know what you think Jill’s biggest change will be after she is married and be sure to tune in next week for Jill and Kevin’s wedding event at 8 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.

Posted by:Whitney McIntosh