19 kids and counting season 7b premiere group tlc '19 Kids and Counting': House cleaning, hospitals and parallel parking Duggar style
Back to back Duggars this week: we get to see how Josh and his wife Anna are managing in the big city, as well as the rest of the family back in Arkansas, who are doing some house cleaning, Duggar style. Which means on a big scale.
Michelle takes baby Josie to visit the Arkansas Children’s Hospital doctors and nurses in the NICU. If you don’t remember, Josie was born three months early due to Michelle developing pre-eclampsia, and the entire Duggar family relocated to Little Rock for six full months while Josie grew in the NICU. Michelle takes time to go around the hospital to meet with the families who are going through the same thing she did, trying to reassure them that Josie is doing well, and praying their babies will too. She’s a nice lady.
Meanwhile, keeping up with Josh and Anna separately from the Arkansas contingent is nice: Anna’s parents finally get to meet baby Marcus when they visit D.C. and Anna decides to brave traffic and parallel parking to deliver lunch to Josh downtown. We’re pretty happy her parallel parking job didn’t attract any unkind Washingtonian attention, because country mouse Anna needs some practice.
Jim Bob, who has moved on from fairly scary idea of starting a farm, decides instead that he wants to clean out the family warehouse (yes, they have a 3,500 square foot warehouse on their property; how else do you store stuff for a family of 21?) and open up a Duggar Family Flea Market. It looked a little like a job for “American Pickers.” And maybe even “Hoarders.” Michelle agrees to open it up for business as long as the proceeds can go to the Arkansas Children’s Hospital NICU. 
But before they open their own market, they have to go through 30 years of stuff, including farm equipment, furniture, car parts, beds, a motorized wheelchair… as several of the kids point out, every shiny thing magpie Jim Bob has ever decided to keep.    
To help figure out how to proceed with this new venture, they go on a fact-finding mission to check out displays and pricing. As Michelle says, the “professional” flea market was “fancy.” Their market, in comparison, will be “fun.” John David shrugs over the “junk” and says laughingly, “welcome to the south.” The boys and girls split up with $50 each in 50 minutes to find items they can “flip” in their own sale and double their money. It’s here that Jim Bob’s magpie ways take over. He’s drawn to a bucket full of pocketknives. The girls, on the other hand, buy handmade wooden ping-pong balls, and homemade hair bows and accessories. What will make more money? We’ll have to wait for the grand opening of the flea market on a future episode.
Back in D.C., Anna take the kids to a playgroup via the Metro, maneuvering through the elevators and tunnels. We’re glad she’s getting out and meeting people, and the indoor kids’ playground looked like a bunch of fun. 
In the end, Michelle starts sorting through the baby clothes from storage, and says that she’s not sure they’ll have any more children. In fact, she says that it’s the first time in 24 years that the Duggar family doesn’t have a baby in diapers, and while she and Jim Bob have talked about adopting too, she says she’s learning how to say goodbye to the past, and learn to be in the “season” she’s in. She’s a grandmother now, remember. Aww.
Are you liking the split stories between D.C. and Arkansas this season?
Posted by:Kiley Thompson