19 kids and counting jessa duggar ben seewald instagram '19 Kids and Counting': What does Jessa Duggar's engagement ring look like?
Love is in the air and online! “19 Kids and Counting’s” Jessa Duggar, newly engaged to Ben Seewald, shared a picture of her new engagement ring on Instagram on Monday (Aug. 18.)
But before we get to the picture, let’s also note she’s already “Jessa Seewald” on Instagram too. Way to be proactive there, Jessa.
So, the ring?

No, we don’t know if there’s a stone. Something about practical Jessa makes us think it’s just a simple band. Silver? Platinum seems a little flashy, doesn’t it?
We’re sure to see more of her wedding plans when “19 Kids and Counting” returns to TLC on Tuesday, September 2, with Jessa’s sister Jill’s wedding to Derek Dillard.
Posted by:Kiley Thompson