It’s time for a proposal on Tuesday’s (June 3) midseason finale of “19 Kids and Counting!” And while Jessa and Ben are still courting (and have been courting longer than Derick and Jill,) the giddy world travelers lovebirds are making it official tonight. 
But first, let’s visit New York City.
Quote of the Episode:
“When we’re traveling, and one of us gets sick, you might as well call the Center for Disease Control, because there’s probably going to be an epidemic really soon.” — Josh
While we’re excited for the Big Proposal, we also followed the family through the book tour for “Growing Up Duggar.” Jana, Jessa, Jill and Jinger’s book has been released and they’re all doing some press for it. But of course, with this many people traveling, some of them get hit with a stomach bug in the middle of the night in a NYC hotel room. Poor babies.
But that doesn’t keep Michelle and the girls from visiting a wedding dress shop, where Jill the romantic plays (modest) dress up. Jessa, ever the practical one, doesn’t want to try one on until she has a ring on her finger. 
Meanwhile, back in Arkansas, Derick is planning how he’s going to pop the question and getting the engagement ring sized (with his mom’s help, which is adorable.) Once the Duggars return home, Derick and Jill head out for an afternoon together (along with Jana and Joy got the honor of playing chaperone, yes, even for a wedding proposal date. After lunch, they all went for a walk around the main town square. And this is where Derick popped the question (after Jana and Joy stayed way back.)
The sweetest part? He enlisted friends to perform a song he wrote about their meeting and courtship (under the guise as a street performers) before he dropped to his knee. Somebody YouTube that song right now!  
And as we previous reported, their big day is actually in two weeks — June 21 is their wedding day! Be sure and check out their registries!
The whole family ends the episode celebrating the future. Too sweet. Can’t wait to see the wedding when the season returns.
Posted by:Kiley Thompson