marini behrs dennings 550 '2 Broke Girls' Beth Behrs' 'epic make out' with Gilles Marini 'not as fun as you'd think'

Beth Behrs didn’t have a completely bad day at the office filming one of her next scenes on “2 Broke Girls.”
The story arc that finds Caroline (Behrs) smitten with close friend and fellow waitress Max’s (Kat Dennings) pastry-school teacher (recurring guest star Gilles Marini) reaches its peak in Monday’s (Dec. 16) episode of the CBS sitcom. The two get up-close and personal, only for Caroline to regret it later when she learns something quite dismaying.
“There is an epic make-out session,” the good-humored Behrs confirms to Zap2it, “which, in front of tons of people and a live audience, is not quite as fun as you’d think. It’s very awkward. You’ve known someone for a month, and then … .”
Knowing some people on the set much longer and much better only compounds the discomfort, Behrs maintains: “I always think it’s harder to do it in front of our writers at the run-through, because I know them all so well. I feel like I’m making out in front of my friends — but then, the audience is there and the lights are on. And there’s one of my favorite camera guys cracking up.”
Behrs recalls when she first read the scene in the script, “I thought it was funny, especially when you see the reactions of Eric Andre‘s character and Kat’s character. It’s pretty hilarious. It’s not an epic make-out for no reason; there’s definite comedy involved.
“And I thought, ‘I probably should not eat any garlic that day.’ Gilles is sweet. I would not do that to him.” 
Behrs and Dennings will carry their teamwork into co-hosting CBS’ telecast of the 40th Annual People’s Choice Awards on Wednesday, Jan. 8. If it seems their “2 Broke Girls” waitress outfits have been altered significantly lately, with Behrs’ getting ever shorter, she insists that’s not the case.
“My mom brings it up every week, and I say to her, ‘I’m telling you, it’s not shorter.’ I got a lot of Twitter comments about that last week, too. There must have been an angle or something, but it has been the same length from the beginning. And yes, mine is quite short.”
Rather than the length, something else about those costumes has been a bigger concern for Behrs. “That’s a vintage fabric,” she reports, “so these girls have been wearing these outfits probably since the diner opened. And that being said, the vintage polyester smells horrible, even when you try to clean it.
“They finally got some more of the fabric and made us new ones this year … but for a while, you didn’t want to hug us.”
Posted by:Jay Bobbin