Whew. It’s been two long years since the networks had a proper pilot season. With the writers strike — finally — a distant memory we can now get back to the business of making scripted television. Not say that reality shows won’t still be a staple, but who isn’t looking forward to more scripted comedies and dramas to fill up their DVRs?

The networks will make their fall schedule announcements in May, but we can give you a glimpse now of potential new members of the TV landscape.

to see where your favorite shows stand at a glance.

Get to Know Your Pilots:

ABC 2009-10 TV Pilots »

CBS 2009-10 TV Pilots »

FOX 2009-10 TV Pilots »

NBC 2009-10 TV Pilots »

The CW’s 2009-10 TV Pilots »

: Whether it’s actors and actresses whose shows have been canceled, are about to be canceled or haven’t been in the game for a couple years, there’s no shortage of familiar faces ready for another shot at pick-up.

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