jim parsons julia roberts 290 2010 Golden Globe nominations: Snubs and surprisesThe Golden Globes nominations announcement brought about the usual amount of outrage and shock, depending on who you talked to.

In the Zap2it offices, some minor debate over Sandra Bullock’s double nomination, one for the drama “The Blind Side,” which all agreed was deserved, and another for the romantic comedy “The Proposal,” an enjoyable bit of froth. There was admittedly no love lost for the absent “All About Steve.”

Here’s a breakdown of some of the other snubs and surprises that arose from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association:

The Snubs

  • “Lost” – It got lost from the TV drama category. Too time-shifty for you HFPA? It might have lost its way a bit, but last season rocked.
  • Tony Shalhoub – It’s not just sentiment for “Monk’s” final season that made us expect a nod. His work is deserving of recognition.
  • “9” – Who cares if this wasn’t made for kids? Other countries have learned to appreciate animation regardless of demo. Stitchpunk rules!
  • “Breaking Bad” – Arguably, one of the best dramas on TV. Go ahead, you know you want to argue.
  • Jim Parsons – “The Big Bang Theory’s” Sheldon elevates nerdiness to awesomeness.
  • “Modern Family” – Couldn’t you give one, just one measly acting nomination? We’ll help you out on the actor’s side. Bump Jeremy Piven. He’s got enough on his mantel.
  • John Noble – “Fringe” may not garner many awards in its time, but we think John Noble does amazing work as Walter Bishop and should be acknowledged.
  • “The Lovely Bones” – Saoirse Ronan tackled a huge role for such a little girl.


  • Jane Adams – We like her on “Hung,” but we were still surprised. Go figure.
  • “Entourage”  – It keeps getting love despite trotting out the same stuff year after year. Plus, how much self-indulgence can you take?
  • “The Hangover” – ‘Twas fun. We enjoyed it. But … really?
  • Julia Roberts – “Duplicity” gets mixed reviews in the office, but all agree that Julia was a killjoy.
  • “A Serious Man” – Happy that Michael Stuhlberg got a nom in spite of the film being completely ignored otherwise.

Check out the full list of 2010 Golden Globes nominees and get outraged.

What do you think got snubbed? Any surprises for you?

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