scream-awards-2010-b&w.jpgThe Scream Awards on Spike happen each year to honor the best in fantasy, horror and science fiction. So naturally the show kicked off with a tribute to one of the biggest movies of the year, “Inception.” It was an impressive start.

Mickey Rourke accept his Best Villain award by praising the “t*** and a**” in the house. That’s the Mickey Rourke we all know and love.

]]>Rainn Wilson comedy — but the best part of Rainn’s segment was his trashing on Katherine Heigl‘s “Life As We Know It.” “The Rite” got its own world premiere sneak peek. It stars Anthony Hopkins and is inspired by a true story about the Vatican and exorcism. Despite the involvement of the awesome Hopkins, can’t we just all agree that “The Exorcist” did this story very, very well and stop making these? Our favorite world premiere was the “Scream” sneak peek. You can watch the official trailer here — what do you think? We think it looks pretty fun. We also can’t believe “Scream” came out almost 15 years ago. That makes us feel old. James Cameron got an a**-kissing introduction when he honored Sigourney Weaver for her work in sci-fi and horror. Don’t get us wrong, big Sigourney fans. But let’s rein it in a little for Cameron, huh? We were disappointed that Kristen Stewart won Best Fantasy Actress. We get that of course she won because the fans vote, but Chloe Moretz was, well, pretty kick ass in “Kick-Ass.” The “Back to the Future” tribute/reunion was just spectacular. Not a dry eye in our house. David Spade‘s introduction had a great Marty McFly impression and the video montage was awesome, but Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox together on stage was the best moment of the entire night. The preview of “The Walking Dead” was gross and frightening. We honestly are torn about that show because it looks amazing and AMC does nothing but good shows, but it looks like it’s going to give us nightmares. Jimmy Kimmel got to honor “Lost,” which is totally appropriate since he’s such a fan. He expresses the views of a lot of fans with, “Were all the questions answered? No, they weren’t. Mother******* still haven’t told us ****. Nobody’s gettin’ an award until we get an explanation for the hatch, the polar bear, the nose bleeds and what the hell Billy D. Williams had to do with anything.” Heee. Also — damn, Walt has gotten TALL. Marilyn Manson came out as a weird video played and then a girl on stage was lit on fire. Uh, OK. Moving on … Bill Murray‘s acceptance speech for “Zombieland” and Best Cameo was interesting. But we did dig his “Ghostbusters” get up. Anybody else pretty excited for “Ghostbusters 3”? M.I.A.‘s performance seemed out of place to us. Nto only because it was the lone musical performance, but also because her “song” seemed to consist entirely of the lyric “a shot of tequila in meeeeee.” Again, we say — uh, OK. The Most Anticipated Movie went to “The Green Lantern,” which frankly surprised us because A) fans vote and we thought “Breaking Dawn” was a shoo-in and B) Uh, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” people. Opens in a month! And that concludes the 2010 Scream Awards. Here is a full list of nominees and winners and be sure to check out the red carpet gallery. Follow Zap2it and Zap2itAndrea on Twitter and Zap2it on Facebook for the latest TV, movie and celebrity news.
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