bode miller 2010 winter olympics 320 2010 Winter Olympics: Bode Miller wins a gold medal at long lastAs much fun as it is to watch someone dominate at the Olympics, racking up gold medal after gold medal, there’s a special thrill that comes from seeing a relative slacker pull it together and finally snag first place.

Case in point: Bode Miller. The 32-year-old skier rose from seventh place Sunday (Feb. 21) after the initial super-combined run to have the third-fastest time in the afternoon’s slalom leg, snagging him the gold. Making victory extra sweet, he’s medaled in all three events he’s participated in during the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

Not bad for someone who skipped training this past summer since he was on the brink of retiring his competitive skis for good.

He had a lot to prove this time out, considered how he famously flopped four years ago.

Miller was supposed to be one of the U.S.’ star attractions during the 2006 Games in Turin, but was either disqualified or failed to finish three of five races and didn’t medal in either of the other two.

His spotty record has been documented as being due to a lack of focus, training dedication, erratic seasons that started out strong before petering out and a tendency to party.

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