johnny weir 320 2010 Winter Olympics: Meet Johnny Weir, figure skatingWe can’t predict if Johnny Weir will take home the gold, but he’s bound to collect more fans after the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

The figure skater, who’s been featured on the Sundance Channel’s reality show “Be Good Johnny Weir,” is known for his theatrical routines, but also his rather theatrical personality.

We don’t want to diminish his accomplishments — which include being a three-time U.S. National Champion, a 2008 World’s bronze medalist and two-time Grand Prix Final medalist — but it’s his costuming, his off-the-cuff remarks and rivalry with Evan Lysacek that has us tuning in for more.

NBC’s video library only yielded a snoozer interview, so we turned to the Sundance Channel for clips to illustrate just what we mean.

Check out a promo for “Be Good Johnny Weir.”

Here’s a clip from the show itself. The banter is just ridiculous.

To be fair, he is more than just silly one-liners and sequins, so here’s a look at the hard work he’s been doing.

And finally, a look at one of Johnny’s routines. Love the face paint and song choice

He’s rather good, no?

The 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver will hold its opening ceremony on Friday, Feb. 12.

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Photo credit: Sundance Channel

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