shaun white winter olympics 2010 320 2010 Winter Olympics: Shaun White wins gold, coach celebrates with swear festFace it, the rules don’t apply to snowboarding god Shaun White. And it appears they don’t apply to his coach either.

On Wednesday (Feb. 17) night, NBC decided to forgo the annoying tape-delayed coverage of the Winter Olympics and air the Men’s Halfpipe live. Not to say this wasn’t thought through properly, but this is the sport that White joked to Playboy has a lot of participants sweating their drug tests.

White already had his gold medal win in the bag, so his final run was really for himself and the fans.

Before he got started audio was captured of his coach, Bob Keane, giving White a pep talk.

“You freaking send that thing. And make sure you stomp the s*** out of it,” Keane said, referring to White’s signature trick, the double-McTwist-1260 (and, no, it does not get old listening to sportscasters say “double-McTwist-1260” over and over). He then stressed his pleasure at White’s performance with a heartfelt and eloquent, “Way to f****** go, man.”

Of course, east coast viewers got their tender ears offended with these vulgarities, while the horrible awful words were muted out for the west coast broadcast. Westerners still got to hear the announcers apologize for them though.

Considering how puritanical broadcast networks are (not as bad as newspapers, but close), it’s a wonder as many obscenities slip through as do. Then again, if live television is anything to go by, the world of celebrity is one where if you can’t add a colorful adjective in each and every sentence, it really wasn’t worth saying in the first place.

Not that we’re arguing with that, but dudes, you’re killing us. If every time the folks leave you at home without a babysitter you get in trouble they’re totally going to find a better hiding place for the liquor cabinet key.

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[For the record, a previous version of this story listed the event date as Jan. 17. The correct date for Shaun White’s awesome gold medal-winning halfpipe runs was Feb. 17.]


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