justin bieber lmfao getty amas 2011 AMAs: Justin Bieber, David Hasselhoff join LMFAO for the finaleFor the finale of the 2011 American Music Awards, LMFAO took to the stage for their hit “Sexy and I Know It.” The performance included the two members, Redfoo and Sky Blu gyrating around while stripping their clothes off until they were wearing nothing but small boxer shorts with smiley faces on the crotch.

But that is not all! There was also a crotch-centric “wiggle offf” between the backup dancers, Justin Bieber joined in in a sleeveless black shirt and some black and gold striped Zubaz pants, and at the very end, David Hasselhoff and Keenan Cahill were there. Because the performance hadn’t been weird enough yet.

Watching David Hasselhoff gyrate around in tiny boxer shorts is pretty much the pinnacle of any awards show ever, right? Top that, Oscars. Video below.

david hasselhoff keenan cahill getty 2011 AMAs: Justin Bieber, David Hasselhoff join LMFAO for the finale

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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