bieber lmfao amas getty 2011 AMAs: The best and worst from TwitterTwitter has only a few real uses. Luckily one of them happens to be making fun of award shows. And if you saw the American Music Awards on Sunday (Nov. 20), you know that there was ample material to goof on.

Here’s some of the best from the Twittersphere about the AMAs:

: Christina Aguilera is representing for the rest of the cast of the new Muppets movie. Ms Piggy in the building

Roses are red, violets are blue, if Rebecca Black wins an Award, Kanye, you’ll know what to do.

: Katy Perry does it for me. But wtf she wearing? Inspired by A cross of Frankenstein & the Jetsons? *still love HER*

John Legend looking mighty sharp in that black on black suit.

The AMAs really missed an opportunity by not having a livestream of Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez singing along running for the whole show.

: D
idn’t watch the AMAs … choosing to do laundry, listen to new tunes and read instead. Judging by the tweets, I’ve missed nothing.

: The AMAs have been very entertaining. Kelly Clarkson wore Jessica Rabbit’s dress,
JLO & Mark Anthony are sharing custody of Pitbull…

: A
re standing ovations mandatory at the AMAs regardless of how good or bad the performance was?

: I still don’t know why I’m not at the AMAs right now. My burp sounds better than half of these people’s songs

Did one of the members of Hot Chelle Rae get caught in a wind storm?

: I’ll never un-see this LMFAO performance on the AMAs. Ever. Make it stop. Please.

Posted by:David Eckstein