the wanted billboard performance abc 2012 Billboard Music Awards: The Wanted are 'Glad You Came' (and better than One Direction?)The British boy band invasion continued at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards as The Wanted took the stage to perform their two singles, “Chasing the Sun” and “Glad You Came.” Unfortunately, One Direction wasn’t there to challenge them to a sing-off, but The Wanted and their thick British accents repped the U.K. just fine without their comrades in song.

The five guys went with a monochromatic look, each sporting a different variation on the black jacket/skinny jean outfit (this is different from their red carpet arrival suits, which were also grays and blacks, because they changed into jeans and motorcycle jackets).

As they sang their new single, “Chasing the Sun,” they walking around the various venue stages until they landed on the main stage. This new era of boy bands does not include choreography (aside from three of them jumping off different points of the stage at the same time during “Glad You Came”). Frankly, it was a little weird seeing them follow each other around the stage, but they sounded awesome and were definitely singing the songs live, so we can’t be picky.

We’re wondering, though: Is there really a rivalry with One Direction? Because The Wanted have been on practically every live show currently airing on American television. 1D needs to step up their public appearance game! As for the catchiness factor, The Wanted’s tunes are just as likely to get stuck in your head as 1D’s “What Makes You Beautiful.”

What did you think of The Wanted’s performance? Are they better than One Direction?

Posted by:Jean Bentley