baby names 2012's first baby names: Khloe, Jayden and Bella    really?We’re a little more than 11 months away from knowing what 2012’s most popular baby names will be, but if the new year’s first few hours are any indication — then we’re due for yet more Jaydens and Bellas. kicks off each new year by tracking the first babies named in all 50 states. Despite a range of fascinatingly creative names (“Envy Essence”), some of 2011’s most popular names are already representing.

The Kardashian influence was apparently strong in Wyoming, where the state’s first baby was named Khloe. Meanwhile, Bella — a name popularized by the “Twilight” saga — made her appearance in Wisconsin.

In addition to Jayden, “en”/”yn” names were all over the map: Kyren in Maine, Kay’lyn in Kentucky, Adelyn in Kansas and Haiden in Oklahoma. We’re wondering if the West Virginia parents who couldn’t decide whether to name their new baby Adian or Jadian meant to hop on the trend, too, but had a little spelling trouble.

We predict New Mexico’s Daytona Jaymes will either be a huge NASCAR fan or one day go on a raucous spring break trip.

What do you think of this year’s crop of new names? 

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson