new shows failure rate 2013 14 Fail factor: Just how bad was the 2013 14 TV season for new shows?The short answer: Bad. The failure rate for first-year TV series is always high, but if you were a new show on the broadcast networks this season — and particularly on one of the Big Four nets — the odds strongly suggest you’re not coming back for a second year in 2014-15.

Of the five English-language broadcasters, only The CW canceled fewer than half of its freshman shows (two out of five). ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC all gave the ax to more than 70 percent of their new scripted series. In total, the five networks aired 44 new scripted shows in the 2013-14 season*, and only 13 are returning for 2014-15. That’s a failure rate of 70.5 percent.

(*That is, the September-May season as defined by Nielsen. Shows ordered at the start of the 2013-14 season but airing during the summer, a la NBC’s “Undateable” and FOX’s “Gang Related,” aren’t included in any calculations here.)

If there’s any consolation to be found here, it’s that the networks didn’t do any worse this season than they did last season, when only 11 of 38 new scripted shows (28.9 percent) survived. (Numbers here are slightly different than in the linked post, as there were a couple of decisions made after the post was published.)

The failure rates for new shows in past two seasons have been higher than in the few that preceded them. From 2009-10 through 2011-12, the networks kept 34.3 percent of their new shows around for a second season; adding in 2012-13 and 2013-14 drags the average down to 32.1 percent — 61 out of 190.

Here’s the breakdown for 2013-14, from the highest to the lowest failure rate.

ABC: 14 new shows

Renewed: 3 (“The Goldbergs,” “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD,” “Resurrection”)
Canceled: 10* (“Back in the Game,” “Betrayal,” “Black Box,” “Killer Women,” “Lucky 7,” “Mind Games,” “Mixology,” “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland,” “Super Fun Night,” “Trophy Wife”)
Ordered as a miniseries but canceled anyway: “The Assets”

Failure rate: 78.6 percent. If we (charitably) remove “The Assets” from the equation, since it was likely going to be a one-and-done story anyway, it’s 76.9 percent.

CBS: 8 new shows

Renewed: 2 (“The Millers,” “Mom”)
Canceled: 6 (“Bad Teacher,” “The Crazy Ones,” “Friends With Better Lives,” “Hostages,” “Intelligence,” “We Are Men”)

Failure rate: 75 percent

FOX: 8 new shows

Renewed: 2 (“Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” “Sleepy Hollow”)
Canceled: 5 (“Almost Human,” “Dads,” “Enlisted,” “Rake,” “Surviving Jack”)
Ordered to series but never aired: “Us and Them”

Failure rate: 75 percent

NBC: 11 new shows

Renewed: 3 (“About a Boy,” “The Blacklist,” “Chicago PD”)
Canceled: 8 (“Believe,” “Crisis,” “Dracula,” “Growing Up Fisher,” “Ironside,” “The Michael J. Fox Show,” “Sean Saves the World,” “Welcome to the Family”)

Failure rate: 72.7 percent

The CW: 5 new shows

Renewed: 3 (“The Originals,” “Reign,” “The 100”)
Canceled: 2 (“Star-Crossed,” “The Tomorrow People”)

Failure rate: 40 percent

*An earlier version of this post had “The Neighbors” as a first-year show on ABC. It was a second-year show; other totals and percentages are adjusted accordingly.

Posted by:Rick Porter