law and order 2013 emmy nominees infographic zap2it The 2013 Emmy Nominees, 'Law & Order' connection   An infographicRecently, “Boardwalk Empire’s” Ron Livingston told Zap2it of his time on HBO’s “Sex and the City”: “I don’t think there’s an actor in New York who didn’t either die on a ‘Law & Order’ or wasn’t one of Carrie’s boyfriends.”

While not all of 2013’s Emmy nominees died on “Law & Order” (some of them had to be the killer/rapist/criminal mastermind), 29 of them have a connection with one or more installment of the “L&O” franchise.

“Homeland’s” Morena Baccarin did her time as a “Criminal Intent” extra, and “30 Rock” nominee Alec Baldwin has actually never been on “Law & Order.” But he did get a co-credit for the story that became Season 8’s “Tabloid.”

Bobby Cannavale — who is nominated for both his “Boardwalk Empire” and “Nurse Jackie” roles this year — has always been an overachiever, having appeared on “Law & Order,” “SVU” and “Criminal Intent.” But “The Big C: Hereafter’s” John Benjamin Hickey does him one better, adding an episode of “Law & Order: LA” to his resume as well.

Want to check out your favorite nominees “Law & Order” roles? Below is a handy guide to which episode from what season they appeared in.

The 2013 Primetime Emmys air Sunday, Sept. 22 on CBS. The 15th season of “Law & Order SVU” premieres Wednesday, Sept. 25 on NBC.

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Actor 2013 Emmy Nom Law & Order SVU Criminal Intent Trial By Jury LA
Morena Baccarin Homeland     (Extra)    
Scott Bakula Behind the Candelabra   “Vanity’s Bonfire” – S14      
Alec Baldwin 30 Rock Co-wrote “Tabloid” – S8        
Christine Baranski The Good Wife “The Torrents of Greed” – S1; “Nurture” – S4        
Julie Bowen Modern Family   “Trials” – S10      
Ty Burrell Modern Family “Turnstile Justice” – S11; “Sheltered” – S13 “Execution” – S3      
Ellen Burstyn Political Animals   “Swing” – S10      
Bobby Cannavale Boardwalk Empire & Nurse Jackie “Hitman” – S13; “Murder Book” – S17 “Monogamy” – S3 “The Gift” – S3    
Anna Chlumsky Veep “Charity Case” – S17; “Innocence” – S20 “Twenty-Five Acts” – S14      
Joan Cusack Shameless   “Locum” – S12      
Claire Danes Homeland “Skin Deep” – S3        
Adam Driver Girls “Brilliant Disguise” – S20 “Theatre Tricks” – S13      
Edie Falco Law & Order “Mother Love” – S3; “Scoundrels” – S5; “Double Down” – S7; “Grief” – S8        
Vera Farmiga Bates Motel “Expert” – S8        
Anna Gunn Breaking Bad “Love Eternal” – S20        
Tony Hale Arrested Development “Brazil” – S20 “Learning Curve” – S13      
Harry Hamlin Mad Men “The Family Hour” – S17        
John Benjamin Hickey The Big C: Hereafter “Castoff” – S8; “DR 1-102” – S12; “C.O.D.” – S14; “Mammon” – S15; “Profiteer” – S17 “Misleader” – S1; “Nocturne” – S1 “Con-Text” – S2   “Pasadena” – S1
Jane Krakowski 30 Rock   “Bound” – S5      
Laura Linney The Big C: Hereafter “Blue Bamboo” – S5        
Melissa Leo Louie “Sweeps” – S4; “Who Let the Dogs Out?” – S12; “Personae Non Grata” – S18   “The Good Child” – S4    
Margo Martindale The Americans “Atonement” – S6 “Cage” – S8      
Elisabeth Moss Mad Men     “The Good” – S5 “Baby Boom” – S1  
Mandy Patinkin Homeland “Absentia” – S13        
Sarah Paulson American Horror Story: Asylum “Family Values” – S5 “Shadow” – S11      
Carrie Preston The Good Wife “Educated Guess” – S13   “Zoonotic” – S2; “Magnificat” – S4; “Bedfellows” – S6    
Elaine Stritch 30 Rock “Point of View” – S3; “Working Mom” – S7        
Kerry Washington Scandal “3 Dawg Night” – S12        
Merrit Wever Nurse Jackie “Mad Dog” – S7; “American Jihad” – S13; “Sects” – S14   “Tomorrow” – S2  
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