best shipper payoffs of 2013 21 best 'shipper payoffs of 2013: 'Vampire Diaries' Delena hook up, 'Bones' wedding and more

2013 has been a great year for TV. We saw the introduction of a ton of amazing new series, said goodbye to some of the greatest shows that will ever air, and watched as streaming sites became legitimate networks. But what we really loved (and our rewind buttons hated most)? Watching all of our favorite couples finally give us ‘shippers the payoffs we’ve been waiting for. 

It may have taken upwards of eight years for some moments to finally happen, but from kisses, to people sleeping together, to proposals, to weddings, so many of our favorite couples sealed the deal in some way. Here are the 21 best ‘shipper payoffs of 2013 … with video of all the hot, sweet, sexy, romantic, and beautiful moments:

‘The Vampire Diaries’ – ‘My Brother’s Keeper’

Although the big moment was tinged with the poison of Caroline and Stefan realizing Elena was sired to Damon, the Delena fandom finally got its payoff when Damon and Elena slept together, just one episode after she and Stefan had broken up. It took almost a full season for Damon and Elena to break the pesky sire bond (all Elena had to do was turn off and back on her humanity switch, no easy task) and finally have a relationship free of any questionable morality, but you can’t deny this scene was hot and well worth the wait.

‘Bones’ – ‘The Woman in White’

Booth and Brennan plan and hold a wedding in one day after eight years of delays … and it’s perfect. Despite not being able to hold the ceremony in a church, the two tie the knot in a spot where a memorable Booth/Brennan exchange from the pilot took place. But the vows. Oh, the vows. Booth tosses the speech he wrote and speaks from the heart, telling Bones they didn’t have to chase each other anymore since they caught each other. Then, Bones reads the “Dear Agent Booth” letter she wrote while buried alive with Hodgins, and the tears — already flowing — intensified.

‘How I Met Your Mother’ – ‘The Lighthouse’

It took us eight full seasons to get here as well, but we finally witnessed the moment that gave birth to the entire series when Ted proposes to The Mother (who still remains nameless). We still don’t know that much about her or her relationship with Ted, but this one moment speaks volumes about how perfect they are for each other. He doesn’t even have to say the full sentence of “Will you marry me” and she’s already saying “Yes yes yes yes” over and over again.

‘Parks and Recreation’ – ‘Leslie and Ben’

Ben and Leslie have always had the perfect relationship, and they made us even more jealous of their happiness when they finally tied the knot. Of course, in true “Parks and Rec” style, the night was almost a complete disaster thanks to the jerk Councilman Jamm and his stink bombs, but Leslie’s co-workers turned around and made it a complete success by moving the ceremony to the parks department. This is the true modern fairytale.

‘Nashville’ – ‘Take These Chains From My Heart’

After a full season of back and forth between star-crossed lovers Rayna and Deacon, Rayna decides to throw caution to the wind and go all in with Deacon. She nixes her tropical trip with sexy rocker Liam, hightails it over to Deacon’s house and professes her love for him. His response? “Are you trying to kill me?” Oh these two. She starts to walk away, but all it takes is a whispered “Hey” from him to bring her back into his arms.

‘The Vampire Diaries’ – ‘Graduation’

Klaroline ‘shippers have had a tough year. Their pairing of choice isn’t even on the same show anymore now that Klaus has up and moved to New Orleans to head up his own series, “The Originals.” But the one thing that keeps this seemingly doomed ship from sinking? The scene where Klaus first asks Caroline to join him in the Big Easy, and then, knowing she’ll say no, tells her Tyler is free to return to Mystic Falls without the threat on his life as a graduation gift for her. He knows Tyler is Caroline’s first love, but he “intends to be her last, however long it takes.”

‘Hart of Dixie’ – ‘Miracles’

Zoe picked up a boyfriend during her time in New York, and Zade shippers have had to endure all of Joel’s annoying traits while Wade, confident that Zoe will realize she’s meant to be with him in time, just sat back and enjoyed the show. We’ve grown impatient and frustrated with how patient and calm Wade has been about Zoe’s new relationship, so thank goodness he took too many anti-anxiety pills before a trip to the dentist and in his drugged state, walked up to Zoe, planted a passionate kiss on her with a simple “There,” and walked away. It may not be the beginning of Zade 2.0, but it is a step in the right direction and something to tide us over until they get back together.

‘Arrow’ – ‘Keep Your Enemies Closer’

Oliver and Felicity have never explicitly addressed the hot chemistry they share or the feelings between them. Sure, there have been off-the-cuff remarks (mostly from word-vomit-prone Felicity) or intense looks exchanged here and there, but the first time they ever truly faced the Olicity relationship head-on was when Felicity asked Ollie why he slept with his business partner and ice queen Isobel Rochev. His thinly-veiled response? “I just think it’s better to not be with someone I could really care about,” i.e. Felicity.

‘New Girl’ — ‘Cooler’

It was the kiss that launched a thousand GIFs. Nick and Jess have always shared an amazing on-screen chemistry, but they’ve always been tied up in relationships with other people. Thank goodness
that didn’t stop Nick from going through with his True American responsibility from earlier in the night and surprising Jess — and all of us — with a kiss so passionate all she could do was touch her lips and stare after him. As for that hot doctor boyfriend Jess had at the time? His days were numbered.

‘The Vampire Diaries’ — ‘The Cell’

Stefan has spent the majority of the first half of Season 5 dealing with PTSD from his summer locked in a safe, drowning over and over again. So when Caroline has the bright idea to get that very safe and lock Stefan in it to confront his fears, Katherine knows that the only way for him to truly get over his issues is to put her life in danger and lock herself in the safe with him. He taps into his hero tendencies and focuses on not hurting his fragile human ex, and their closeness sparks their passion from 147 years ago, ending the night in a really hot Steferine hookup. It took five seasons, but thank goodness we had to wait since a relationship between Stefan and Katherine finally works. Plus: Caroline’s reaction! Priceless.

‘Rookie Blue’ – ‘What I Lost’

Andy and Nick had been dancing around the question of whether to get together as a real couple since posing as one in their undercover assignment. Their moment finally came at the end of a very long and very bad day, when they temporarily lost sight of fellow cop Chris’ son — resulting in the boy’s abduction. After the child was recovered, Nick was waiting at Andy’s apartment door to tell her she was right about her feeling that they should just stay professional peers … but he then added, “The thing is, I don’t care. You’re worth it. You’re the most amazing person I’ve ever met.” And though they made one indisputably good-looking couple, their romance ultimately wouldn’t last long: Her heart still belonged to Sam, and she rushed to his side when he was shot by a former suspect seeking vengeance against 15 Division, leaving Nick visibly heartbroken.

‘The Newsroom’ – ‘Election Night, Part II’

The palpable tension between Will and Mac was largely fueled by their failed romance that preceded the start of the series. Clearly, there still was something between them … and at the end of en exhausting evening of Election Night 2012 coverage, he finally decided to do something about it. He raced through Atlantis Cable News headquarters to find her, holding a ring he supposedly had returned to Tiffany’s long ago — having told her then that it was “a practical joke” — and made a very real marriage proposal, telling her, “There is no chance I’m ever going hurt you again. And no matter what you say, I’m going to be in love with you for the rest of my life:” And she accepted by responding, “It took you long enough.”

‘Scandal’ – ‘Whiskey Tango Foxtrot’

Ten months after Fitz discovered the truth about Defiance and Olivia’s part in the conspiracy, the two are forced to be in the same room together to christen their godchild. Sparks fly, and though the two are still so angry with each other’s choices — Fitz killed Verna and Liv rigged the presidential election — they can’t stop themselves from hooking up in a closet. The hookup, combined with Olivia’s slap, is the epitome of their toxic relationship. Whether or not you ship Olitz, you can’t deny this was one steamy scene.

‘Scandal’ — ‘Molly, You in Danger, Girl’

On the flip side of Olitz is Olake, a.k.a. Jake and Olivia. Jake was the B613 agent Fitz ordered to watch Olivia and protect her, but he got a little too close to her. They had a date, he got her to drink beer(!) — and they hooked up. It was hot, and it was still as morally questionable as Olitz, but Olivia just isn’t the kind of girl who’ll have a simple relationship.

‘Castle’ – ‘Valkyrie’

Caskett fans had to wait a full summer to find out if Beckett says yes or no to Castle’s surprise proposal in the Season 5 finale. The Season 6 premiere picked up right where they left off, on the swings, with Castle holding out the ring, and Beckett finally saying yes (then no, then yes again). Worth the wait? Totally.

‘The Neighbors’ – ‘It Has Begun …’

Surly teen Amber Weaver and clueless alien Reggie Jackson wouldn’t seem like the most likely couple, but their pairing actually worked out beautifully. After a season of flirting and distractions, the two finally shared their first kiss — with at least three tongues involved — in the Season 1 finale.

‘Haven’ – ‘Lay Me Down’

After Audrey literally disappeared from his life, it’s fair that Nathan was pessimistic about the chances for any relationship. Even when she returned, it was in the guise of Lexie — a woman ill-matched for the straitlaced Nathan. But love and lies finally brought these two soul mates together. Even Troubles and the sudden appearance of a man named William couldn’t ruin Nathan and Audrey’s first night together. Pancakes for everyone!

‘Once Upon A Time’ – ‘Good Form’

After Hook saves her father’s life, Emma finally shows her gratitude to the pirate … by saying “Thank you.” After he taunts her for a little more gratitude, she tells him he couldn’t handle a kiss a from her, and to prove it, she does indeed kiss him. However, the liplock is so hot that it looks like maybe both of them couldn’t handle it. Too bad it’s a “one-time thing.”

‘Teen Wolf’ – ‘Alpha Pact’

Stiles has a full-blown panic attack in the middle of school when he gets a text telling him his father was kidnapped by the big bad. The only way to calm him down? Lydia decides to kiss him to make him hold his breath (she read somewhere that stops a panic attack). And hey, what do you know, it actually worked … and it looks like it affected both of them equally.

‘Game of Thrones’ – ‘Kissed by Fire’

In order to prove that he no longer swore loyalty to the Night’s Watch, Jon Snow broke his vow of chastity and slept with wildling Ygritte in a cave. He also finally puts her favorite phrase, “You know nothing, Jon Snow,” to rest. Warning: NSFW video.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ – ‘Get Up Stand Up’

Of course Jackson waits until the very last moment possible to profess his love for his BFF April. Playing into one of the biggest rom-com clichés, he stands up … then sits down … then stands up again to tell her she belongs with him when the priest asks if anyone objects to April marrying Matthew. Dude, work on your timing. We forgive him for his tardiness though, because we (and April) had been waiting so long for him to finally admit he wanted her. We still don’t know how she’ll respond, but he definitely gave her pause.

Did we miss any huge shipper moments from this year? Which ones were your favorites? Let us know in the comments, and may 2014 bring us even more shipper payoffs!

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