miley cyrus mtv 21 candles gi '21 Candles': Watch Miley Cyrus explain why she lied to MTV viewersForget “My Super Sweet 16.” MTV is going wall-to-wall Miley Cyrus Saturday (Nov. 23) with “21 Candles: Miley’s MTV Moments” in honor of Cyrus 21st birthday.

In a preview clip called “Miley Cyrus in 2008: To Tatt or Not To Tatt?,” a babbling and very Hannah Montana-looking Miley tells MTV’s “TRL” viewers she would probably never get inked up because she is so terrified of needles.
“I am, like, freakishly afraid of needles,” says Cyrus. “I hate them so badly. Like, like it could be like, ‘You know what, this is gonna give you like 400 years to live,’ and, like, I’ll — like, I wouldn’t do it. I’m like way too scared.” She goes on to say her parents (Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus) want her to go fo some specific body art, so that’s the only reason she might consider it.
Cut to 2013: “I was lying,” Cyrus says. “I always knew I was gonna get tattoos.” She then claims she truly is afraid of needles, and regularly pushes and kicks doctors who try to give her shots.
OK, Miley. We, like, totally believe you.
MTV’s all Miley, all the time programming begins Saturday at 12:00 p.m. ET/PT. Check out Miley perjuring herself “TRL”-style in the clip below:

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