cherry jones 24 s8 320 '24': A new twist on Don't Ask, Don't TellSeems as if we have another questionable move on the part of a “24” president, as Allison Taylor favors the wisdom of Charles Logan over that of Jack Bauer.

Poor Jack. We’ve seen him experience more heartbreak than any human should be allowed to suffer, and it takes him (show time-wise) an eternity to come to grips with Renee’s death. Yet after an unseen hospital intern “donates” his street clothes, Jack is back on the case. From Chloe, he learns that a certain special Russian is currently being arraigned and might hold the key to ending the madness. In 24’s NYC, the Sixth Amendment is strictly enforced as good ol’ Sergei is in court. When confronted by Jack, he spills that he doesn’t have the answers… the Russian government does. Not only that, Dana Walsh is the key person.

Once at CTU, Jack roughs Dana up a little for answers. She has incriminating audio, he demands access to it, she asks for immunity, Jack will hunt her down if she’s lying… basic stuff here.

If President Taylor is still a bit iffy about Charles Logan, Ethan is absolutely against any notion he can be helpful. Logan does indeed meet with Novakovich and dangles the prospect of proof that the Foreign Minister is party to this criminal activity. This is enough for Novakovich to reverse position and accept the treaty. Smiles and cheers all around… that is, until Logan finds out Jack visited Dana. Now he pays a visit to President Taylor to implore she send Jack far away until the peace is signed. With Dalia as the provisional head of the IRK, all parties will sign the treaty in five hours, but if Jack successfully scores immunity for Dana, the proposed peace will vanish. He also proposes keeping it from Dalia as well. Ethan’s about to jump the table and strangle Logan, another heart attack be damned, but for whatever reason, Taylor decides that this peace is worth more now than anything else.

Knowing she’ll have a wee fight on her hands, President Taylor personally visits CTU to drop the bad news on Jack. For a moment, I think Jack thinks the president is an evil Fembot, but ultimately complies with her order that Dana isn’t granted immunity AND that he be choppered to McGuire for debrief. Even Chloe can’t believe what she’s hearing and actually tries to use her new position to persuade the president otherwise. When that doesn’t work, she sees to it that CTU accept their new assignment of security at the UN and orders Jack to a waiting chopper.

Naturally, Jack isn’t ready to go quietly into the good night, and swipes the sidearm from his guarding agent, THEN hijacks the chopper and flies away. Even the impassioned pleas from Chloe aren’t enough to make him land, which forces her to get the FAA and the armed forces involved.

Posted by:Brandon Millman