Okay, maybe not, but it would be a rather nifty twist on the 24 mole hunt… unlike the rather predictable reveal of this day’s operative. On the plus side, two of my favorites return to the screen for the first time in ages: Morris O’Brian and Aaron Pierce!

These Spoilers are brought to you by tonight’s blatant vehicle placement the Hyundai Genesis: if it’s good enough for Chloe O’Brian, than it’s good enough for you!

Let’s mix things up a bit tonight, shall we?

Jack and Renee work their mojo to revive Henry long enough to make the trip to the hospital. Those two are quite the couple… I believe I could get behind a spin-off of sorts featuring Renee. Once they call President Taylor to update her husband’s condition, our frumpy Agent Moss checks in for a status update. He’s ready to rip Renee a new one over her handling of Rogue Agent Vossler’s wife and kid when Jack divines a working address where Dubaku might be. And they’re off!

The President tells Ethan she’s off to the hospital, refusing to be held prisoner. Ethan begs her to stay, but Bill steps up to assume responsibility for her protection off White House grounds. For this to work, however, she’ll need to reinstate his clearance and bring Chloe on board. Ethan is totally against the plan (so am I), which easily allows her to go against her wishes and let the operation commence.

Iké “Samuel” Dubaku crashes Marika’s place of employment, ready to whisk her out of the country now that Plan Henry has failed. To make this work in his favor, he (mostly) tells Rosa’s version of the truth, what with the being an illegal immigrant and all. Marika initially resists, but when our dashing Samuel promises to fly Rosa out at a later time, her tender little heart melts into his diabolical, gritty hands. Why does this resemble a Nigerian bank scam to me?

Chloe and Morris(!) pull up to FBI headquarters with the littlest O’Brian in the backseat. What a little cutie! Inside, Moss assigns Janis busywork, which immediately pisses her off. Once Chloe makes her way to the impromptu workstation set up for her in the conference room, she locks eyes with Janis… a stare that could kill large dogs. Immediately suspicious of everyone and everything, Chloe attempts to work.

Dubaku arrives at hotel, where Random Guy Burnett hands our bad guy documents so he can depart the US in peace. Sensing a double-cross might be imminent; Dubaku makes sure everything is legit, lest everyone connected to the operation goes down when he would. Not one to be bossed around, especially by a Colonel, Burnett makes a call to an unknown, informing the person that a Plan B might need to be formed.

Marika returns home to find a sleeping Rosa, so she makes a beeline to pack. Once awake, the two have it out, Rosa upset that Marika is blinded by love. The nerve! Before the argument comes to blows, Jack and Renee bust in, showing off their sexy Dubaku camera pictures to a shocked Marika. Much to Jack’s surprise, whatever she can do to help, Marika will… hyperventilating in the process. The phone call to Dubaku begins on the iffy side, but Marika recovers in time to lie right back to Dubaku, convincing him to pick her up after all. Jack proceeds to turn her cell phone into a tracking device for Chloe to follow.

Jealous that she’s not in on the action, Janis attempts to hack Chloe’s workstation. When that fails, she uses her indelible charm on Sean (read: blackmail) to access the digital beta key to gain entry to the server. In the end, the pleasantries they exchange is the best part of their relationship.

President Taylor meets up with Henry just before he’s wheeled into surgery. Chances are this is the last time they’ll speak to each other, so what better way to go out than to get all mushy on each other. After the fact, she has a waiting Bill round up her estranged daughter. Speaking of the spawn, we find her talking up a potential employer when none other than AARON PIERCE arrives to take her away. He might be retired, but he still flashes the badge like the seasoned vet he is!

Entering the server room, Janis takes a peek into Chloe’s workstation, just as she’s giving turn-by-turn directions for Jack and Renee to follow Marika. When a random agent enters the room, Janis quickly unhooks from her spying, unknowingly terminating Chloe’s connection as well. After running the diagnostic, she determines the spy is in that very same office! At the same time, Jack and Renee are quickly surrounded by Metro PD, armed with a federal warrant for arrest… issued by the very same FBI now infested with a mole.

That mole is none other than Sean, who calls Burnett and quickly fills him in on the latest developments. I knew it was that sneaky little snot-nosed punk all along, although I wouldn’t have been disappointed had it been Janis. We end with Dubaku telling the voice on the other end that he will take care of the developing problem that is his girlfriend. The time is now 5:00:00.

Next time on 24, Dubaku confronts Marika like Chris Brown on Rhianna; while Renee and Jack throw down as well… all while critical files are being erased.

Posted by:Brandon Millman