Kiefersutherland2_24_s6_240I don’t care much about it one way or the other, but before I discuss anything that did happen in Monday (March 26) night’s decidedly odd episode of 24, I want to quickly mention something that didn’t: We’ve now gone two full hours since Martha stabbed President Logan in what the FOX promo department said was the most shocking moment in 24 history and nobody’s mentioned the former president’s condition. Not even in passing. Not a word.

But yes, it was an odd episode of 24 that I’m about to discuss (and therefore spoil, just in case you didn’t figure on that).

How odd was it?

Well, it was another Jack-lite episode, though primetime’s most patriotically directed psychotic did something even more threatening and shocking than all of the torture and mayhem and slaughter he’s taken part in over the years — he was kind and gentle to a somebody. I know. I shudder just thinking about it.

Did we previously know that Jack Bauer has a soft spot for autistics? Now we do. And potential future terrorists will learn that the most logical way to get past Jack’s watchful eye in the future is to blink rapidly, play with your fingers and talk like you spent your weekend watching Rain Man. Points to friendly, computer-savvy savant Brady, who may have been hacking into the databases for a nuclear power plant, but he was doing it for a good reason — because his brother was played by Devon Gummersall and therefore must be evil in the most bumbling, well-intentioned way possible. I’m glad to see Gummersall working again. You sexually assault one former Power Ranger in a J.J. Abrams show and the next thing you know, Keri Russell’s cut her hair, Jennifer Garner’s had Ben Affleck’s baby and you’re off the radar.

As pieces of character-writing go, Brady the Autistic was horribly contrived, but he helped CTU catch Gredenko, so somebody should get that guy on the government payroll.

Brady was odd, but was he the oddest part of the episode?

Nah. How about President Palmer spending most of the episode in a coma, nearly coding before the second-to-last commercial break and then miraculously sitting up in bed at the last second and calling off V.P. Daniels’ nuclear strike? That was pretty odd. And while I’d gladly watch Powers Boothe threaten to kill everybody in the phone book, surely the writers will give Daniels a little character dimension at some point, right? He’s a raving lunatic and he’s being dragged down the same 25th Amendment path that this show travels whenever things get slow.

So was the recovery of Robo-Palmer the oddest part of the episode?

Nah. I’m going with the blooming of the barely developed romance between Nadia and Milo. Nadia, you see, wasn’t actually the mole. There was no mole, at least not until it turns out that somebody actually was a mole, but in that case it probably won’t be Nadia. After the Bill Buchanan expressed his sincere regret, Nadia came downstairs, told Milo they couldn’t be more than friends and then he threw her up against the wall and shoved his tongue down her throat. I’m surprised the promo department didn’t play it up as The Most Romantic Moment in 24 History.

Other quick thoughts on the episode:

  • Did anybody watch what was playing on the TV in Gredenko’s holding room? I’m assuming it was some 20th Century Fox movie or other, but I didn’t instantly recognize it.
  • Martha stabs Logan in the shoulder. He gets arterial bleeding. Somebody shoots Devon Gummersall in the leg and he gets arterial bleeding. President Palmer gets blown to bits, experiences brain swelling, gets put into a coma, gets pulled out of a coma, codes and he’s going to be back in the War Room in a suit and tie by next week? I’d better not hear any more mockery of Wayne Palmer’s manliness.
  • Any theories on what happened in Denver?

    Thoughts on this week’s episode? Opinions on making Brady a cast regular? 

  • Posted by:Daniel Fienberg