gregory itzin 24 320 '24': Charles Logan returns to the madnessGregory Itzin is back on “24” to assist in the final hours, with this hour ending in yet another silent clock.

Good, bad or indifferent, the presidents in the “24universe should be given a medal for all the crap they put up with. President Taylor is ready to put the peace process out of its misery, despite pleas from many (including Jack) to the contrary. Enter Jamot, one of Hassan’s closest allies that was suspected of traitorous dealings earlier in the day. He proposes the radical idea that Dalia Hassan assume the presidency of the IRK in order to see the peace process through. Let’s just say her skepticism is more than just a family thing — the Russians (or more specifically, Mikhail Novakovich) fail to see the humor in this. Despite her own shortcomings and an epic hissyfit from Kayla, Dalia agrees to the process.

Speaking of Comrade Novakovich, he warns President Taylor there’s no way Russia will support the peace treaty with Dalia at the helm. Sensing impending big trouble ahead, Taylor decides to listen to anyone with a good idea. Fortunately for her, Ethan’s up and about after his “episode.” Unfortunately for her, he suggests the one name she hoped never to hear again: Charles LOGAN! He’s (still?) remorseful for all his sins, and offers to be the intermediary she so desperately needs with Moscow. Of course, she threatens him to within an inch of his life if he’s anything but straightforward with her. Sorry, but I just don’t see Logan as being reformed … yet.

Back at the apartment complex, Cole has been tasked with transporting Samir back to CTU. His gunshot wounds aren’t all that serious, but the questionable injection just administered by the shady EMT probably won’t do him any good. As the EMT leaves, Renee has a deja  vu moment, but dismisses it quickly. Once there, Cole has a new boss to answer to: Chloe. Yep, the government has had just about enough of Brian Hastings, so Tim makes the call and installs Chloe as temporary head of the NY branch. About time, I say! Things don’t start off easy for her, though, as Samir goes into cardiac arrest and dies before any questions could be answered. The tox screen shows a most evil foreign substance that killed him — but who would do such a thing, especially with Cole guarding the prisoner? Oh wait, it was during the five seconds he had his back turned on Samir…

… Because he was saying his good-bye’s to Jack and Renee. With the principal figures either dead or in custody, Jack was washing his hands of the situation. He and Renee return to his apartment, where upon their arrival, they make sweet love down by the fire. No, seriously, they have really hot sex. What they don’t know is the shady EMT (in cahoots with Novakovich) follows them, then kills a guy across the street for his office overlooking Jack’s apartment. Post-coitus, Jack goes to make coffee while Renee answers his phone. On the other side, Chloe updates her, leading Miss Walker to believe the encounter with the EMT actually meant something. She has Chloe pull up files on Red Square, but the EMT unloads a barrage of bullets into the apartment before anything is shared. In record time (seriously!) Jack carries Renee down the stairs, into a cab that breaks about 47 traffic laws in getting to the hospital, where Renee dies on an ER table. The man simply cannot catch a break with women. As he gently kisses her forehead and we end with our second consecutive silent clock.

Wowza. Going out with a bang, huh, “24”? What did you think of the episode?

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Posted by:Brandon Millman