24-Sutherland.jpgNow that Kiefer’s got a video file of Dana conspiring with Pavel Tokarev, the Russian spy, he needs to figure out his next move.

He calls up Hassan’s favorite reporter, Meredith Reed, to set up a meeting. Cole is brought back to CTU in handcuffs so Jason Pillar can grill him. That goes nowhere, but CTU intercepts Kiefer’s call to Reed, so it turns out he doesn’t need Cole anyway.

Chloe, increasingly suspicious of Jason’s activities, recruits Arlo into her secret mutiny and convinces Cole to give her a tenuous clue regarding how to find Kiefer. But when the meeting happens, Tokarev is already in place with his sniper rifle and a whole Russian support team, thanks to the heads-up from Jason.

Kiefer’s buddy Jim gets the drop on Tokarev and neutralizes him, while Kiefer snags Reed and shoots his way clear of the trap, complete with Tokarev, which was his plan all along, of course.

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