Carlosbernard_24_240In these tough economic times, no television show is immune from budge cutbacks, and 24 is no exception. The body count rises significantly in this hour with the promise of more if the Prime Minister isn’t traded for a pack of Lucky Strikes and a player to be named later. Such is life in the diplomatic corps, it seems.

Historically, Spoilers that practice patience will ultimately prevail.

FBI Assistant Director in Charge Larry Moss asks for three more teams to search for the still missing Matobo. Naturally, Janis takes a few moments to bitch on how there’s too much on her plate, so Moss shows leadership for a change by telling her to get her act together. Thankfully that’s the last we see of her tonight. Sean is equally as useless this hour, having only cleaned up the recording. He does, however, believe Renee is dead, infuriating Moss even further.

Bill and Chloe arrive in the Blue Van of Hope to uncover the buried Renee (with help from CPR and an adrenaline shot)… just in time. Meanwhile in the Big Yellow Truck, Emerson confirms Nichols and the diamonds are on the way for the trade. Jack wants to know how he got Tony out lo those many years ago. Turns out it was Christopher Henderson after all. Sensing Emerson might be forthcoming with even more information, Jack inquires as to how the deal will go down, but he won’t tell. They arrive at the hangar where Emerson immediately takes out the henchman and disables Jack, wanting to know what side Tony is really working for. Jack is rather insistent he take the shot, which Tony finally does by first shooting Emerson in the right shoulder then in the neck.

Here I thought Tony might have taken the Keanu Reeves-in-Speed role by shooting Jack/Jeff Daniels in the leg. Silly me.

Renee demands to know who Bill and Chloe are working for. She also pushes for contact with Moss, but Bill strikes down that request rather quickly. Really, all he wants is for her to shut up. Jack is updated by Bill as he frees Matobo and wife. Jack explains the situation, attempting to enlist Matobo’s help in the process.

As Dubaku sees Nichols off, the bad guys begin to form a new plan since the White House hasn’t responded like they wanted. Naturally, they target a plane over DC. Its 1:13:54.


At 1:18:04, President Taylor finishes a phone call with the NSA about another firewall attack. She insists on speaking with first responders. Ethan wants her to focus on nipping the problem in the bud by beginning a pullback. She doesn’t want it. He implores, she ignores.

Tony examines Emerson, who promptly tells Mr. Almeida to go to hell. Matobo simply cannot wrap his head around Jack’s plan… but then again, who really can? The wife implicitly trusts Jack, which helps Matobo warm to the idea. He wants Jack to promise she won’t be harmed, with Jack stifling his laughter at the absurd concept of safety. In private, she implores him to do it because she hasn’t left his side after 22 years, and she has no plans to do so now. He finally relents, allowing Jack to check in with Tony, who insists on moving the bodies before they leave.

Dubaku and a subordinate begin messing with a plane flying over Washington. Back in the Oval, Ethan breaks the news they couldn’t localize the firewall attack. The Secretary of Homeland Security gets the call from Dubaku. He tells her he’s disappointed, imploring her to look out the window. The look on Ethan’s face says it all as they witness a plane exploding mid-air. Dubaku formally notifies them they have another hour to meet demands or 10,000 more will die. Good to see terrorists in the 24 world still giving world leaders plenty of lead time to deal with their attacks. President Taylor asks to meet with the already assembled Cabinet. Current White House time is 1:26:57.

Its 1:31:12 and the world is beginning to learn of the crash. The targeted larger plane apparently hit a smaller plane. Seems a Congressman and his wife might have been on the plane. HomelandSec says the worst is definitely yet to come. The Secretary of State says they need Matobo for any plan to work… yet she simply won’t give in. SecState is told to leave if he can’t play well with the big kids, so he storms off in a huff. The Prez addresses the Situation Room, assuring them her response will ultimately be right. She leaves and takes in what just happened, nearly breaking down. The time is now 1:36:28.

Jack Bauer time is 1:40:42 as Bill and Chloe make it to the hangar. Jack tells Chloe to wire the wife. Meanwhile, Renee is understandably upset Jack didn’t let her in on the plan. The nerve, indeed! Chloe begins to affix a transmitter to Matobo’s teeth as Bill informs Jack of the plane crash. Jack asks Renee if she’s alright. Long story short: she can’t believe parts of the FBI (and government) are corrupted. Sigh.


Back in the White House, HomelandSec Tim tells Ethan to calm down the President. Ethan suggests Henry be the one to handle Allison, but at the moment, he’s still indisposed, paralyzed at the apartment. Samantha arrives with the rogue agent waiting for her. He calls Bad Agent Brian to give him a heads-up of her arrival. Sam enters the apartment using the key under the mat. Henry tries in vain to warn her of BA Brian, except the whole paralyzed thing doesn’t help his cause. Brian promptly stabs Samantha in the back, then once more in the side while she’s on the floor. He receives a call from Ethan, forgetting to mention that he’s holding Henry hostage, but does tell the Chief of Staff that Henry is meeting with Samantha. Well, it was true an hour ago. Ethan is quite upset at Brian’s lack of responsibility, but the Bad Agent focuses more on placing the knife in Henry’s hand, getting a nice fingerprint or two. Henry tries to move his hand, succeeding just a little. Its 1:48:38.

The clock strikes 1:52:53 and Matobo is ready to go. Bill notifies the gang that Nichols is close. Once the pimp Cadillac arrives in the hangar, Nichols comments he’s glad to see Tony is still on his side. Tony tells Nichols that he killed everyone else, including Jack. Nichols wants to see Matobo; Tony wants to see the diamonds. Once he examines the jewels, he hands over the keys to the Big Yellow Truck. At the same time, the henchman tries to take out Tony, but Jack wipes the guy out with Tony’s help. He ultimately allows Nichols and another henchman to go free, taking Matobo and wife with them. Chloe activates the tracker, firmly entrenched in Matobo’s mouth.

Back downtown, Bad Agent Brian drags Henry to a loft area. He fashions a noose for Henry, who is just regaining use of his faculties, including speech. He begs for his life, and then begins to struggle with Brian. Just when he thinks he has the upper hand, Henry takes Brian over the railing, doing a Peter Pan onto the table below. The fall does most of the work in taking out Brian, with Henry finishing it… in extreme pain.

On the phone with Nichols, Dubaku is still upset the White House still hasn’t complied with his demands, going to extremes by calling her insane. Kidron, Ohio (a real city!) is the next target on Dubaku’s list, which houses a processing facility. If he follows through with the plan, the causality count could be upwards of 30,000. Also threatened: The Professional Football Hall of Fame. That bastard! He gives the go order as the clock hits 2:00:00.

Next time on 24, the chemical plant becomes the primary focus while the President learns her husband has gone AWOL.

Posted by:Brandon Millman