anil kapoor 24 320 '24': Farewell Farhad, we hardly cared about yeIt takes a strong person to admit they were wrong, but on “24,” it’ll get you killed just as quickly.

First up is Cole and Dana. Blah blah blah, do you still love me? Blah blah blah, what about us? Blah blah blah, let’s just dump the bodies into the water and destroy the van.

In (not so) secret lovers news, Tarin and Kayla get one last rendezvous before he’s taken back to the Kamistani embassy and beaten to within an inch of his life… except he has this deceptively brilliant plan. After he somehow acquires a pick to undo his cuffs and a gun, he forces his guards into the trunk, then races to a nearby hotel room where he and Kayla make sweet, sweet whoopee. When Nabeel calls Hassan with this news, our fearless foreign leader swallows his pride and calls his estranged wife for her help. Ouch.

Poor Rob Weiss. He hasn’t been Chief of Staff for very long, and already he’s juggling more than any man should (though I’m sure he won’t get too much sympathy from Mike, Wayne, Walt, Tom or Ethan… not really counting Olivia here.) Anyway, he learns that not only will Renee not be charged, but has to tell President Taylor that Hassan won’t hand over key secret files from his country’s secret army. This doesn’t sit well with Madame President, who demands Hassan bend over backwards for her, just like she has for him. Once he learns Farhad is surrendering and no longer a threat, he acquiesces and orders the files released.

This is good for Jack, who arrives at Farhad’s position with Team Red Shirts and their leader, Owen. Of course, had Farhad just listened to Brian Hastings, he might still be alive. But noooo, he had to make a run for it and is shot dead. With the rods in even worse hands than before, Jack goes to work matching the files to other information when out of nowhere, he brainstorms keeping Farhad alive for the media’s sake. If the baddies think he still has a heartbeat, it might flush them out. They rush the convoy to a nearby hospital and set-up shop there.

This initially works as Samir and gang watch Ernie Anastos proclaim Farhad in custody. Plan J is now in effect, as Marcos is recruited to become the martyr he’s always wanted to be… right after he calls Mommie Dearest to tell her to move to higher ground. As President Taylor learns of the potential casualty count if the rods become a dirty bomb, our young and walking dirty bomb makes his move toward the hospital entrance. Red Shirt Leader Owen tries to stall while Chloe and CTU analyze and disable the detonator. They get it disabled, but only after Owen gets Marcos to show the actual bomb strapped to his body. This leaves Marcos in a rage that can only be solved by shooting the already dead Farhad multiple times. Just as he realizes the futility of his previous action, Jack busts in and calmly requests his surrender. Naturally, he doesn’t by instead doing a Peter Pan out the third-floor window. Another foot chase ensues until Marcos finds, then locks himself inside a pressure chamber.

Bad news is that he seems to survive for at least another hour next week. Good news is that Stephen Root is on the Cole and Dana warpath. Hooray!

Posted by:Brandon Millman