Kiefersutherland Depending on where you are in the country tonight, you may just be a couple hours away from the big “24” finale, but if you want the early scoop, wait no longer…

Who’s dying this evening?


No one we really know or care about, anyway.

I mean, from what I hear, the episode does end on a cliffhanger with Jack’s life in danger, but dude, come on, we know J.B.’s going to be just fine.

But just ’cause no one’s dying doesn’t mean the finale isn’t scintillating and filled with some solid surprises… the most notable, in my opinion, being the reveal of Tony Almeida’s motives. And, I must say, once you see the whole picture, you may have a hard time picking sides.

Someone who’s not having as hard of a time picking sides? Ms. Renee Walker.

She’s definitely defected from the FBI to Jack Bauer’s world and will do some things tonight that would’ve seemed quite unlikely when we first met her back in January.

Oh, and I’m hearing Janis Gold (Janeane Garofalo) — who we’ll likely see the last of tonight — is getting in Renee’s way, so yeah, that should be fun to watch.

As for Madame President — unless something quite drastic happens in the life of Ms. Taylor — based on her decisions in this finale, I have a strong feeling she’ll still be in office when the next season of “24” rolls around… 

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh