24 tv show '24' in talks to return as limited series at FOX because Kiefer Sutherland needs a jobWith “Touch” officially dead and gone, star Kiefer Sutherland needs a paycheck so why not bring back “24”?

The real-time thriller may have ended its eight-season run on FOX back in 2010, but Deadline reports that the network is in talks to bring its once-signature series back from the dead as a limited series. Sutherland is said to be in early talks to reprise Agent Jack Bauer, last seen on the run.

The reports makes clear that this rather bizarre move is still in very early talks and could, of course, always fall apart. However, the network, in the midst of a recent push in limited event series, is strangely keen on reviving the series it once killed.

When the show went off the air, there was hope of continuing the story in the form of a feature film, but that plan never took flight. According to Deadline, the plan with the revival is to start from scratch with a new story that would likely be advised by former “24” (and current “Homeland”) showrunner Howard Gordon.

Is there any juice left in “24”? Are you excited by the prospect of a revival?

Posted by:Billy Nilles