cherry jones 24 s8 320 '24': It ends with a Silent ClockIt’s crunch time for Jack and the “24” gang, as a major name doesn’t get to see much of that fabulous Manhattan sunrise.

President Hassan just won’t cooperate with Jack Bauer or anybody else that isn’t a terrorist. He even pulls a gun on Jack, forcing him (and everybody else) to be locked in a room while the mercenary Bishop finishes his job of delivering Hassan. Once Samir knows Hassan is on the way, he calls for Tarin to stop the bomb and transport Hassan. Samir only knows this because Rob and the general relayed the information — an act that later gets them both busted for treason and saves Ethan. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

While Renee transports the family Hassan back to the president, Jack carjacks a convenient Hyundai and begins pursuing Tarin. Thanks to Bishop (before he disappears), the bomb is defused and is never to be heard from again. Dana’s trying to work that same gambit: Get the job done and slip out before anyone notices. Only problem is that not only does Chloe keep smacking her every move, but Brian Hastings has to approve every arrival and departure. She does her best to disappear and reappear while updating Samir, even somehow deflecting Arlo’s accusing glares. Dana makes it to the point of accessing Brian’s computer to acquire the code she needs to exit, but by that point, Jack has already figured out there’s a mole within CTU, and once Renee arrives to confirm it, the jig is up. She furiously tries shooting her way out, yet can’t dodge the bullets of jilted lover Cole, who causes her to crash.

Meanwhile, Tarin learns of Jack closing in on him and decides to enter a parking garage where he’s able to offload Hassan to a waiting blonde-haired gal in a blue Honda before doing a Peter Pan off the roof of the garage. With Tarin dead and Hassan missing, it doesn’t look good for Jack — which is why when Dana offers him Hassan’s location in exchange for immunity, a clean record and cash, he decides to go for it.

Samir begins to grill Hassan about all he’s done to weaken the IRK. Hassan clearly won’t submit to the demand of reading a note saying he’s abandoning the peace process, no matter what torture comes his way. This means it’s up to Team Jack to get Hassan out in time. Once the president signs the immunity deal for Dana and she coughs up the details, the operation is put into motion. Team Cole eliminates Samir’s lookouts while Team Jack enters the apartment building. As Samir lists all of Hassan’s crimes for the Internet audience, Jack gets closer. Ultimately (through a closet wall), Jack takes out all the members of the team guarding Hassan — only to find Hassan already dead from a slashed throat. The feed everybody was watching was taped in advance. The final couple minutes are mostly silent, except for an extremely upset President Taylor, who demands to know what is going on.

Next week, the Russians get involved. Also, Charles Logan is back!

Posted by:Brandon Millman