katee sackhoff 24 9 10am '24': Jack finally pops a cap in DanaOnce again on “24”, the president makes a stupid move and once again, Jack takes the law into his own hands.

Even those who like rooting for the underdog are finding it hard to pull for Chloe. After all the crap she’s put up with over the years, this might sting the most: being relieved of partial command mere hours after receiving it. You see, Charles Logan is upset that his plan isn’t going completely by design. So he’s taking the next step and having one of his people installed at CTU. His name is Jason, and as aide to the former president, he’s just as evil as his boss. Obviously, Chloe does not handle the news well, but she is still in charge of everything — just not of the plan to recapture Jack.

Speaking of, he and Cole make it a whole 15 minutes before CTU realizes Jack played them all along. They make their way to the real safe house where they dispatch of the private security team guarding (and torturing) Dana. Not even D.B. Sweeney survives the carnage, as Jack uses plenty of weapons from the recently acquired arsenal (Grenade!) and escapes. Their new location is a bank where Dana stored all the relevant materials for safe keeping.

Once there, Jack stands watch as Cole and Dana play the happy couple in anticipation of the safe deposit box. What Cole doesn’t realize is that hidden behind the gun, money and documents is a flash-bang that disorients him long enough for Dana to knock him out and pocket the all-important documents.  She calls 911 on Jack, and then engineers her escape.

By this point, Jack has simply had enough. He shoots the arresting cops in the feet, and then proceeds to chase Dana over a stretch of many blocks, culminating in the final showdown in a building under construction. We have quite the wonderful romp through the building until Dana falls for the old “shooting at the tossed jacket” trick. Out of bullets and cornered, she produces the card with the documents, then whines for the 974th time to please NOT kill her … except Jack puts on the big boy pants and takes her out with one point-blank shot to the chest.

Thanks to Charles Logan and the Russians (via President Taylor), that victory might be short-lived as Jason relays most of the info received at CTU to Pavel, the Russian lap dog. Don’t miss the final four hours EVER as Jack finds another little piggy to torture.

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Photo credit: FOX

Posted by:Brandon Millman