cherry jones 24 320 '24': Jack reaffirms his status as a Lethal WeaponI guess karma exists in the world of “24,” as Jack receives a healthy dose of his own medicine. I think it’s just the producers saying to the critics ‘Hey, torture works both ways in our world!’

Still not digging the Dana (Jenny)/Kevin/Cole whatever, but that’s not my call. Thanks to Arlo, he decides it’s time for Dana to confront Cole about all her recent naughty doings. That sounds good in theory… except she chickens out at the last second and promises to unleash the beast later. What she perhaps didn’t count on was a truly miffed Arlo, who decides enough is enough and lets Cole in on her shady doings of the past few hours. This would be bad enough for a regular fiancĂ©, but as the tactical leader for CTU, it’s one more headache on a day full of them. Our Dumb and Dumber goofballs decide to celebrate their bonehead victory by throwing that hard-stolen money at a bunch of strippers in Jersey.

Yeah, that sounds about right.

Meanwhile, Hassan has grown increasingly paranoid and has effectively cut himself off from the real world… that is, until Kayla insists that he release Tarin. What doesn’t help her cause is when she admits they’ve been in a long-term relationship. Undeterred, she actually tries to appeal to the bodyguard holding Tarin, hoping for even a couple minutes. The guard promises he’ll effort that request as soon as possible. Good luck with that not ending badly!

Right about now, Renee probably wishes Vladimir had taken her out because if they’re not accusing her of blowing the entire operation, they’re now officially saying she’s gone off the deep end. Poor Chloe is the one who has to babysit her while she gives her statement. Now that’s a jumble of emotions I hope I never experience for myself.

As for Jack, he gets dragged back to Hotel Ukraine, only to be strung up Martin Riggs-style and tortured with thousands and thousands of volts in an effort to find out who he’s really working for. He spends roughly 15-20 minutes taking this abuse before he “passes out” long enough to take out Mr. Torture… again, Martin Riggs-style. So when does Mr. Joshua show up?

Anyway, Sergei becomes rather annoyed at Farhad. One thing he got out of Jack before the torture was that Farhad was behind the leak and the real enemy. When confronted with this, the other Hassan grows increasingly irritated. When the delivery of the rods is halted, Farhad storms off in a huff. That’s good for the other Hassan, because the newly-freed (and barefoot!) Jack cuts power to the building, then goes on a Lethal Weapon-inspired rampage before ultimately fooling Sergei long enough to smack him with a table. Yeah, I’m getting hints of John McClane as well.

Once in police custody, Sergei cops to mercy killing Oleg and promises to reveal the location of the rods… provided he receives full immunity for him and Josef. Wait, he turns good just like that? Something’s not kosher here, but once President Taylor herself tells Sergei that a deal will be made, he reveals the location of the convoy and the rods. Brian Hastings scrambles a newly distracted Cole to retrieve the rods, but only finds an empty box and two henchmen when he arrives. Once Cole mentions that a gold cross necklace was also found, Sergei realizes Josef has switched allegiances. The elder son just happens to be on his way to personally deliver the rods to Farhad himself.

Terrorists is the craziest peoples!

Posted by:Brandon Millman