katee sackhoff 24 9 10am '24': Let's waterboard Dana Walsh!Yep, President Taylor went there. She listened to the worst President ever on “24,” and authorized torture.

It’s official: President Allison Taylor is the most offending flip-flopper I’ve seen in fictional presidential history. Ethan initially convinces her that her morals are all out of whack and that she needs to expose the Russians instead of pursuing this peace. While he’s helping to draft a statement to this effect, she finds Logan to let him down easy. Surprisingly, he takes the defeat well — that is, until he offers a compromise: Label Dana as an enemy combatant so they get the info without revealing any immunity agreements. Logan practically triple dog dares her to do it, which she does. Logan then gleefully orders a private security firm to move Dana to a safe house.

Meanwhile, Jack successfully evades the Air Force and lands the chopper on a random building in Manhattan and blends into the throng of people below. Shortly after Arlo spots him, Jack buys a half-dozen cell phones and uses one to call Chloe, who herself just found out that Dana was no longer going to be in the hands of CTU. She begs in vain to get Jack to surrender, but to no avail. He’s too busy finding an old friend of his: Mr. Blonde! Actually, his name is Jim, and boy does he owe Jack a huge favor if he has to load our hero with enough ammunition to put a large hole in the ground. As Dana is literally scared of her future, Chloe and Cole set up Jack to meet at a false safe house. Naturally, Jack smells something rotten and is able to take down Team Cole without a single injury. Chloe should have seriously known Jack was going to win, but it does allow for Cole to join Team Jack to find Dana’s actual hiding spot.

In the end, Dalia is scared but ready to move the peace forward, and Ethan’s ready to resign for “health reasons,” much to Logan’s delight. As President Taylor announces the forward progress of the treaty (now doused in blood!), Dana is lead into quite the shady room where, surprise surprise, the private security team performs the textbook definition of waterboarding.

Oh David Palmer… why did you have to die?

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Posted by:Brandon Millman