24 906 recap fox '24: Live Another Day' Episode 6 recap: A mole is revealed

There’s a lot to unpack from this episode of “24: Live Another Day,” but none more important than the fact that CIA head Steve Navarro is a mole. The total extent of his misdeeds isn’t known yet, but he definitely framed Kate’s husband for treason.
Navarro made a phone call to a mysterious British voice at the close of the episode, letting whoever it was know that the technicians are getting close to something. He’s going to need to back them off. The voice reminds Navarro that he planted the evidence that implicated Adam Morgan in selling secrets to other countries, which led to his suicide. Was it even a suicide, though? 
Of all the people you expected to be a mole, who knew it would be Benjamin Bratt? 
Meanwhile, at the demand of President Heller, Jack was sanctioned to run a mission and got Kate as his partner. They make a very strange team. It’s just two people literally willing to do whatever it takes. In this case, Kate agreed to be bait for a man Jack worked for named Rask, who is connected to Margot. Jack just needs Kate in Rask’s custody long enough to allow Chloe access to his system so she can upload a virus.
However, the British Prime Minister is convinced Jack is betraying America and assembles his own team of MI5 operatives to intercept and ruin everything. While Rask is talking to Jack and Kate is being tortured, MI5 busts in and starts shooting. 
Jack gets Rask’s password entered at the last minute so Chloe can upload the virus. However, Rask gets his hands on a hand grenade in the commotion and blows himself up.
Meanwhile, the Russians have come calling for Jack. Those documents that Boudreau forged Heller’s signature on a few episodes back? Turns out those were transfer papers to turn Jack over to them. The problem is, Heller has no idea about any of it, so the Chief of Staff is going to have some questions to answer.
Then there’s Simone. Her husband is dead because of her mom and now she’s tasked with killing his sister. It seems before he died, Naveed told her to get out of London. While she doesn’t know anything, Margot says to kill her and her young daughter anyway.
Simone tries to get the sister to leave town but when she tries to call the police the choice is made. Simone stabs her and regretfully chases the daughter out the door. She gets hit be a double-decker bus while chasing the young girl and, based on the preview next week, will end up in Jack’s custody.
At this rate, Margot will stop at nothing, even risking her own family, to avenge the death of her husband. What did you think of this episode of “24: Live Another Day?” Sound off in the comments below.
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