24 live another day san diego comic con fox '24: Live Another Day' at Comic Con 2014: No word yet on another season

While the Comic-Con panel for “24: Live Another Day” did not make a surprise announcement about another season of the FOX drama, it spared no details in going behind the scenes. Star Kiefer Sutherland and executive producer Jon Cassar sat before a packed Ballroom 20 to talk to fans about the experience of returning for another Jack Bauer adventure.
The biggest change in the new season, other than going from 24 to 12 episodes, was moving production to London. “It was difficult,” Sutherland says. “The guns were problematic.”

Of course, a show like “24” is filled with firearms, but the difference in laws between using them on-screen in the United States and United Kingdom were pretty big. “We need six weeks to even have a gun on set. Six weeks advance notice,” he explains. However, those issues made them look for other solutions. “Instead of just killing somebody, how else can we be dramatic about something?”

The people were also quite a bit different. While it’s not all that difficult for police to empty streets for shooting purposes in the U.S., that’s not quite the case in England. “In London, you can’t [do that],” Sutherland says. “People are very clear about their rights. ‘This sidewalk is mine, I paid for it, it’s in the Magna Carta.'”

That led to a very strange situation on one specific day: “There’s a scene where [Chloe] tells me her husband and son were killed,” Sutherland says. “We were in a car and what no one knows is about five feet in front of us were 2,000 people in a park watching us.”

Sutherland also spoke about working with “Game of Thrones” star Michelle Fairley, specifically her final scene. “As it was written, I come through the window and shoot her and kill her,” he recalls. “I said, ‘No, that’s not possible. I want to at least be able to say I worked with her.'”

That led to how things actually worked out, which still wasn’t without faults. Sutherland adds, “I never got to actually have a scene with her because I spent the entire time trying to keep her still. She was unbelievably strong. So by the time I dropped her out the window, I was pretty happy.”

As for how the season added, Sutherland admits that he feels the show sort of “copped out” in the final moments. “It’s hard to let go. It’s hard to end it,” he says. “All of us individually didn’t want to let it go.” While the panel didn’t get an official next season announcement, at the very least they don’t seem to be ready to hang up Jack Bauer’s messenger bag just yet.
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