When Kate Morgan was introduced on “24: Live Another Day,” she was a disgraced CIA operative whose late husband had betrayed the nation. Now she finds herself in a a peculiar situation. She’s essentially been fired, but continues to assist the CIA during the terror danger, because there’s no other real choice. However, Kate is also working with Jack Bauer.
Unlike most of the US government, she actually believes Jack is trying to help and has information that could save the President of the United States. After failing to see her own husband’s betrayal until too late, why break laws to help Jack?
“She’s been given a second chance, so she sees Jack Bauer as her second chance right now,” Yvonne Strahovski says during a conference call with the media. “At first it was trying to find Jack Bauer and now that she’s done that she’s sort of on a roll to keep trying to prove herself to herself and to others around her.”
Proving herself it exactly what she did in the last episode, as the information Jack handed over proved that terrorists were in control of US drones. Now it’s just a matter of whether or not it’s too later to matter.
One thing is clear, Kate continues to prove herself invaluable during this time of crisis. With her and Jack working together, things are going to be very interesting. “They are obviously two strong-minded people,” Strahovski says. “I’m not sure if they trust each other just yet, entirely, even though they’re teaming up. They’re still agents, after all. I think it will be a fun journey.”
“24: Live Another Day” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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