mary-lynn-rajskub-24-320.jpg“24”‘s Chloe — like the lovely lady who plays her, Ms. Mary Lynn Rajskub — has a lot going on, being a working woman with a baby at home and all.

She’s back at CTU — the new and improved New York office — this season, but she’s not quite familiar with all the latest technologies and such.

Seems that while she was off being a mommy, things changed a bit and she’s got some catching up to do.

Katee Sackhoff‘s character Dana Walsh tries to comfort me, like ‘It’s okay, you’ll catch up,’ and I just want to kill her,” Mary Lynn explains in the clip below. “I have to win over my bosses, which eventually I will, with my know-how.”

But will there be some cat fighting at CTU?

No, dude. Chloe’s better than that. Sounds as though Dana’s just going to annoy her… though there’s definitely something up with this Walsh woman, believe that.

But it’s Chloe’s other boss, the big man, Brian Hastings, that she really rubs the wrong way: “I go head-to-head with Mr. Hastings, Mykelti Williamson[‘s character], a little bit… He thinks I’m trouble.”

Take a look at the clip for more intel and to get another early glimpse at the new and improved CTU…

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