, the President hasn’t been all that effective early on in her term of office. I mean come on, if she can’t keep her minions in check, what hope does the United States have in keeping its status as a world power?

These Spoilers are wearing emotions on its sleeve.

Moss gathers a SWAT team for a pre-invasion briefing. He tells the team to take Tony alive, as he’s the most valueable to the Bureau at this point. Meanwhile, all-around good guy Emerson is taking pleasure in kicking the living crap out of the bodyguard. (I said he was dead last week… my goof.) Like a good bodyguard, he’s defiant. Jack is above the room looking for a way in while a henchman is working on the intercom.

Erica is the bearer of bad news, delivering news from the Justice Department about Renee. Moss calls Renee, who we can safely say isn’t entirely honest about how she acquired her information on Motobo. He wants her back at headquarters immediately, except Renee is defiant on her quest for Jack. I know, shock! Sean is on the phone with his wife, who is safely on the ground because of him. She seems to be keenly aware that her flight was specially landed before many others.

Back in the safe room, Motobo does his best to get an outside line. His wife is under the impression that they want to use her to get him to talk. What a novel idea! Emerson’s henchman finally establishes a connection, wanting him to come out. Motobo has one minute to come out or the bodyguard gets it. Again. Emerson is thisclose to pulling the trigger after the minute, but intercepts a phone call to the bodyguard from the FBI first. Always on the ball, Jack proposes a way to flush the couple out. Naturally, the henchman is adamantly against Jack’s plan. They get to work on creating the best bowl of ammonium dysterate ever! It’s 12:10:45.

At 12:15:12, the mixture is ready. Jack prepares the vents for his creation. To get the ball rolling, he squirts water into the bowl, creating a reaction. This gives Emerson the soliloquy he’s been looking for to announce their impending doom. Motobo’s wife wants to give up, but he is stubborn… even as the ammonium dysterate overwhelms the two. At the FBI, Janis gets cornered by the guy from Justice. Moss saves her by assigning her to the SWAT team. 12:18:45 and Renee arrives at the house where the Prime Minister and his wife continue to slowly die. Stubborn to a fault, he tells his wife to just let go. Clearly she has much to live for as she struggles to open the door. Once outside the safe room, Jack tells them to breathe. Team Mostly Evil moves them to a waiting truck, but Renee is on the scene and lurking. She calls Moss, but the henchman catches her before she reveals too much. Moss, clearly upset, lets slip a hearty angrily Damn It. Jack spills to Emerson on what he knows about Renee, keeping him from immediately taking her out. They leave the house, speeding away in the yellow truck with the Prime Minister, his wife and Renee in tow. Emerson calls Nichols, letting him know the traveling party is plus one. DC time is 12:23:32.

Its 12:27:52 and Brian finds a guy who can crack the crypto on the flash drive. Henry is absolutely sure this is the smoking gun. Brian believes he should tell his wife, but he won’t until he can prove it. I agree it’s best to leave the knucklehead stuff off her desk. Ethan meets with the President Taylor in the Oval. She all but demands his support on an invasion of Sangala, insisting she won’t give in to threats. The Secretary of State tells the Prez that Motobo has been abducted and that Jack is (naturally) involved. Ethan uses the abduction to rationalize calling off the invasion. She wants Motobo found by 1 PM… or else!

Erica is happy for the safety of Sean’s wife, but at the same time can’t stop thinking about their little rendezvous last night. Janis interrupts their fun time by asking Sean to babysit her computer. A field agent is nice enough to link Jack and Tony to the abduction. Moss instructs Janis to release Renee’s information to the masses as finding her is the new top priority. In the Big Yellow Truck of Mostly Evil, Renee apologizes to Motobo for not protecting him any better than she did. She unloads on Jack for making a fool of her. Nichols calls Emerson, telling him to kill her. They detour to an abandoned construction site to dump her bitchy body. Its 12:35:47.

The time is now 12:40:13 and Moss is mad as all get out, frustrated that the agency seems to not be taking Renee’s disappearance seriously. Janis states the obvious, telling Sean to stay on task, but all he can focus on is Erica. Meanwhile in the Green Room, Dubaku is upset the carrier group hasn’t withdrawn yet. Nichols tells him to be patient or launch another attack… whichever pleases the Colonel more. Because the Renee situation has to be dealt with, Motobo won’t arrive for another hour.

Henry and Brian arrive at the friend’s apartment. Once inside, Henry notices pictures of Samantha and Roger. It’s only now that he realizes he’s in Roger’s apartment and that Brian set him up. Another painful realization: his coffee has been laced with Tetradyzine, a neuromuscular paralytic which causes him to collapse. Brian seems very calm to a point that it’s rather creepy. He tells Henry that Roger died quickly and he’ll make sure he does as well. Brian makes a call to Agent Vossler, who is tracking Samantha. He approaches the self-proclaimed whistleblower, telling Samantha she’s in imminent danger. The agent kindly leads her off to a safe house. Its 12:46:48.

At 12:51:14, Sean wants to know about Janis, Renee and the hospital incident. Janis, for reasons passing understanding, justifies the “coercion,” yet she feels bad about stalling the lawyers. The Justice Department guy meets with Moss, knowing Renee is missing. He wants to talk to Janis. Moss is absolutely beside himself on the timing of the whole deal. Speak of the devil, Janis calls Moss about Renee being referenced in a call intercepted by NSA. Moss is upset, angrily asking for the kids to run another unsuccessful trace.

Big Yellow Truck arrives at 12:55:30 to the construction site. She’s rather uncooperative and won’t beg for her life. Jack walks her over to a ditch, telling her to cooperate if she wants to live. Smart girl, that one as Jack does indeed shoot her, then knocks her body into the ditch. Emerson didn’t think he’d do it, so to ensure the deed is complete, he has Jack and Tony bury her. She looks up from her shallow grave as they begin piling dirt on her. Tony is somewhat startled to see she’s still alive. An unusually early silent countdown ends at 1:00:00.

Next time on 24, terror comes to the White House, while Tony has a choice to make.

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