cherry jones 24 320 '24': Sedition is the name of the gameNow that the ultimate fate of “24” has been decided, we have only 11 more hours of Jack Bauer savory goodness.

Of course Dana is the mole. Only with that ludicrous plot to start the season could it lead to killing Bill Prady (no, not that one) just to keep her cover. She continues to feed Team Samir information that keeps them one step ahead of the government. Cole on your tail? Disable the satellite for 30 seconds. Need optimal placement for the device to kill as many Americans as possible? Divert Tarin to the Upper West Side. Good thing she wasn’t targeting those Gossip Girls… there’d be brooding heck to pay, I say!

Naturally, Samir doesn’t want to kill Americans — just President Hassan. He even assures President Taylor of this when he calls her in the middle of her Security Council meeting. With an entire room of learned men and women listening in, she stands by the plan of not giving in to terrorists. For some reason, not everybody in the room agrees with this, most notably, Rob, Tim and Gen. David Brucker. They say if giving up Hassan ensures the safety of all Americans, then why not provide what Samir has asked for. Taylor continues to dismiss the ransom note, saying if the terrorists attack, they will “deal with it.” On these grounds alone, the general rustles up support for his plan by adding Rob to the rolls. He even quotes Nuremberg Principle IV to really drive the point home.

Meanwhile, despite Dana’s evil plans, the fight at CTU continues. Brian is rightly upset that America is going to hell on his watch, so he stresses that CTU is the last line of defense in a battle to keep the nuclear device from detonating. Half of his force is looking for the bomb, while Jack is specifically assigned by the president to transport Hassan to the base in New Jersey. This is, of course, easier said than done. While the transport is taking place, Gen. Brucker and Rob invade Ethan Kanin’s computer for all the files needed to stop the transport.

The only flaw in the plan: The good general seems to be the only person in the world not to know how dangerous Jack Bauer is. Ethan busts in and tries his best to warn Jack of the impending attack but suffers a mighty convenient heart attack right before he can get any words out. The aborted phone call dials Jack’s paranoia meter to 11, so he turns the Hassan caravan around … except it’s too late.

An epic gun battle ensues with smoke bombs, elevated shooting and even President Hassan saving Jack’s life. Despite Kayla twisting her ankle, the family emerges unharmed. When Jack goes to question the motives of a member of the attack force, he’s noticeably surprised by the American accent. The heat is on, now! Samir learns that Hassan will likely not be turned over to him, so he instructs Tarin to start the countdown on the device. I guess we’ll learn the fate of the Upper West Side in next week’s two-hour epic showdown!

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Posted by:Brandon Millman