Jack is on the run again, and that’s nothing new for the “24” writers to let him do. Neither is, say, allowing Janis to be annoying or Jonas evil. What is unique is asking Mr. Bauer to implicitly trust another human being. Naturally, this won’t end well for a high-ranking government official.

Would it be too much for the Spoilers to ask for a Kim Bauer cameo? Wait, never mind.

It seems everyone is upset with someone/something somewhere. Jack is upset no one believes him when he says he didn’t kill Ryan Burnett. Renee is upset she’s been suspended while Moss whines that she isn’t on his team anymore. Quinn is mad at himself that Jack is still alive, leading Jonas to pitch a restrained hissy fit. The President wants to be mad at the attack on the White House, but she allows Ethan to be angry at Olivia for past misdeeds. Morris arrives; upset the FBI is detaining Chloe without telling him why. And Janis… well, I’m upset that Janis is still alive.

Even with a suspension, Renee still has access to sensitive files, allowing her to coordinate with Jack in confirming Quinn’s identity. Lucky for our hero, Senator Red Forman investigated Starkwood as much as he did Jack. Once Renee finishes with Jack, Moss tells her to go home, only to tell Janis he knows Renee and Jack are in cahoots. I hate to say it, but she is effective in her job… to the extent she confirms Renee’s involvement, thus denying Agent Walker’s exit from the building and subsequent detention.

Before she delivers her national address, Olivia tells her mother to beef up the speech with Mission Accomplished rhetoric. Ethan arrives with the news that Jack can’t make up his mind which side he’s playing for, falling on the sword in the process. As the President is delivering her speech, some random reporter reveals his knowledge of the Jack link. He immediately goes for Olivia’s jugular, except she hard sells her innocence.


Senator Forman arrives home to a waiting Jack in the study. He uses his patented Bauer Powers of Persuasion™ to sway Red into accessing the Starkwood files. Meanwhile, Janis’ mad skillz only goes so far in decrypting Renee’s email to Jack, so Moss delivers an ultimatum to Morris: help finish what Janis started, or lil’ Prescott wouldn’t see his mother for at least 15 years. Verbally confirming immunity and Chloe’s freedom, Morris takes 30 seconds (using the ever popular Blowfish 148 encryption) to reveal Jack’s current location. Naturally, Chloe is freed and mighty pissed Morris would even contemplate helping them! Moss assembles the Blue Barracudas and moves out.

Finally! With the proper access, Jack puts together the pieces of the seventh day puzzle to link Juma to Jonas. Red tells him to trust again… mere seconds before Quinn deposits a fatal foot in his ass. Yeah! See what happens when you trust? Back in the Oval, Ethan tries to corner Olivia on the leak, except she claims a cable news producer will sit on the story if Jack is captured. Seeing as how Ethan’s rebuttal is non-existent, Mama Prez sides with her daughter, further embarrassing Ethan. Sure hope a wrongly accused banker doesn’t cross his path any time soon.

Jack and Quinn’s romp through the industrial part of the city ends in a construction yard. Quinn thinks Jack has taken refuge in a worksite office… that is, until Jack crashes a nearby backhoe into the wall, demolishing the structure in mere seconds. After a most epic battle of brute strength, Jack hurls his Crocodile Dundee knife, taking Quinn down in quite the bloody mess. Before he dies, he reveals the shipment Jonas so covets is arriving. After he dies, Jack sneaks a peek at Quinn’s phone, dramatically revealing the Port of Alexandria as our next flashpoint of action. One phone call to Tony and Jack drives away. The time is now 10:00:00.

So whatever happened to Karina Arroyave, Jamey Farrell from season one?

Posted by:Brandon Millman