24 290 '24' stars collect 'Damages', Don Cheadle does TV in a big way

Former “24” season two co-stars Reiko Aylesworth and Sarah Wynter will reunite on FX’s
legal drama series “Damages.”

Both actresses will have recurring roles on
the upcoming season alongside new regulars Martin Short
and Campbell Scott, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Wynter will play a mysterious “security specialist” helping a
high-level assistant district attorney (Short) unravel a financial
scam. Aylesworth will play the wife of Scott’s character, who is tied to
the scandal.

— Movie staple Don Cheadle has gone all in when it comes to TV projects for network and cable. Cheadle’s production company, Crescendo, secured deals with NBC, ABC, TNT, and FX, according to Variety.

Slated productions entail:

— a remake of the 1983 suspense drama “Star Chamber.” The ABC project focuses on a judge who goes after dangerous criminals who are set free by a flawed judicial system;
–a Boston-based cop drama from “The Shield”‘s John Hlavin for NBC that centers on a homicide detective who shares a surprising connection to his new partner.
–a medical drama about a doctor opening up a clinic in downtown Los Angeles is close to fruition at TNT under the title “Rx.”doncheadle 290 '24' stars collect 'Damages', Don Cheadle does TV in a big way

More known for is work on the the big screen, Cheadles hasn’t ruled out appearing on one of his TV projects.

“I’ve found there are ways to execute stories in all these mediums,”
the actor says. “I’m not looking to leave
features, but I never say never to good work. As my schedule allows,
especially if it’s something really banging, absolutely [I’d do TV]).”

Cheadle already has a college basketball series, “March to Madness” in the works at FX, as well as a comedy from “The Boondocks” creator Aaron McGruder, “It’s All Love.”

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