… if your name wasn’t in the opening credits; Jack, Tony and Bill make sure of that. Of course, certain cast members (Janeane!) made it through the hour, which has me hoping the producers reveal her evilness soon, so she can die already.

Spoilers, like revenge, is a dish that’s best served cold.

Once again, we begin at the FBI with Sean showing Moss satellite imagery of their following Big Yellow. Janis opens her mouth (sigh) to exposit that she found residue from the CIP intrusion, which may pinpoint where they’re going to target next. Sean quickly shifts the focus back to himself, noting he isn’t sure Moss is capable of running the operation, with Janis quickly disagreeing. Mark my words, those two will be the death of me.

The tension is high at 1600 Pennsylvania. Ethan’s calling Bad Agent Brian’s phone to no avail… what with his being dead and all. Clearly upset that no one will take his call, he’s more than eager to take an update call from Moss, who happens to be upset himself over Renee. Except he’s still adamant that he’s a man and men don’t cry over girls with whom nothing happened. Riiiiight.

Chloe tracks Matobo to the Ritter Building, home of the Green Room where we find Colonel Dubaku pacing to and fro. In come Matobo and wife; apparently the last time the two met, Matobo slapped Dubaku’s hand away. The nerve! Both men still believe they’re doing the right thing. Dubaku demands Matobo give up his associates, which of course he never will. They’re taken away from the Room that is Green.

Jack, Tony and Bill arrive up on the roof with Renee entering the building in the most traditional manner: the front door. Once on the third floor, Renee makes a beeline for the stairwell to let the guys in. They split up, Jack and Renee taking the fourth floor with Bill and Tony on the third. Chloe points out floor panels which access the Green Room. Jack and Renee crawl down between the floors. At the same time, Matobo and his wife are led into a separate room where they argue until they are blue in the face.

Back at the FBI, Sean continues to argue with Janis when she notices the breach at the Kidron plant. She calls the plant, finally connecting with the plant manager. She suggests he shut it down, except when he tries it’s non-responsive. Worse yet, the pressure builds inside the tanks. Sean gets Moss, certain they have a Katrina-like mess on their hands. Its 2:14:32.

At 2:18:53 Ethan talks to HomelandSec Tim, still seething that Bad Agent Brian has refused his every call. The men enter the Oval to tell the president of the impending attack and tell her the worst-case scenario. Nothing like finding out northwest Ohio is screwed if Dubaku isn’t stopped in time. Yes kids, Cleveland could cease to rock.

Jack and Renee begin to move into position as Chloe tells them of the Kidron incident. They use a night vision camera to spy into El Sala Verde, marking all the bad guys in the process. Sean tells Moss that the firewall breach isn’t being plugged while Janis takes offense to the plant manager calling her “honey.” So what else is new? To his credit, the guy is doing everything he can to avert disaster. They work together as he enters the hot zone. As it turns out, he must have watched Wrath of Khan the night before. Knowing he won’t leave the plant alive, Manager Brunner begins to work the routers and valves to release the pressure inward instead of outward. One valve down and he’s already going down. The needs of the many, indeed.

Seven minutes before the plant is to blow, Nichols alerts Dubaku of the roof intrusion. The good Colonel gives his best Damn It because Nichols didn’t kill Jack and Tony at the airport and now their secret is out. Dubaku gives the order to power down the CIP in order to evacuate and continue the attack somewhere else. In his effort to fix his screw-up, Nichols insists on staying to finish the attack. At the same time, a genuinely surprised Sean sees the firewall breach close. Jack, sensing his opportunity to torture dwindling by the second, suggests they launch the attack right away. The next 45 seconds is a faithful re-creation of the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral. When all is said and done, only the redshirts are dead. Nichols tries to evacuate Matobo and wife, but Renee takes him out before he makes his move. Tony makes himself useful by grabbing the now destroyed CIP device. With the authorities hot on their tail, they leave the Green Room. Jack Bauer time is now 2:28:13.

It's 2:32:34 and Janis tries in vain to help the plant manager. The plant is now out of danger, but he’s having trouble doing much of anything. Back in D.C., Renee leads Matobo into the waiting van. Jack and the gang are still searching for Dubaku, who himself finds a cowering Dr. Phlox, forcing him to do his bidding once again. Jack finds Phlox handcuffed and wired for fun… if by fun you mean becoming a human bomb. The good guys take cover just before Dubaku blows the good doctor all to hell, also taking out his last henchman. Dude, that’s just harsh.

Feeling rather useless, Moss demands to know how and why the breach was stopped. He wants answers, except Sean doesn’t know what to offer. Clearly, his history with Renee has nothing to do with his being upset. A quick glance of his computer terminal shows she’s still officially listed as missing. Janis opens her mouth to officially pronounce plant manager John Brunner dead, ready to fit him for his sunglasses-shaped casket. Having already moved on, Sean wants her to locate where exactly the CIP was being used. The time is now 2:38:14.

White House time is 2:42:42 with HomelandSec Tim briefing the president on the Averted Tragedy at Kidron®. Naturally, she’s not happy with the firewall explanation. Ethan continues in vain to find Bad Agent Brian. He’s ready to tell Madame President that her husband is missing, but HomelandSec Tim says she has too much on her plate as is. He tells her anyway; she can’t believe her Henry’s still at it. Back outside the apartment, Rogue Agent Vossler hears the APB for Henry and tries to call BA Brian. After what seems like forever, Henry finally wakes up to the ringing cell phone. He sees who called, but can’t get past the lock code. Staggering to the door, he finds Samantha (still dead) and makes a beeline for the door, except he’s chased back in by the Rogue Agent. Henry tries to take out the agent, failing in a less-than-spectacular way. He convinces Rogue Agent not to kill him just yet. His argument is strengthened when Dubaku calls Vossler from an outgoing train, telling him to bring Henry in alive. Its 2:48:06.

When the clock hits 2:52:32, everyone is back at the safe house. Chloe’s onto looking for Dubaku while Jack suggests to Bill they contact outside agencies. His paranoia isn’t all that sexy, as he is the only one who thinks it’s too dangerous. Matobo speaks up, suggesting he personally go to the White House for help. Yeah, because when you can’t trust anyone in the government, hand-delivering yourself is always the best option.

President Taylor sees the Kidron story on NotCNN when she gets the call from Matobo. He tells her the CIP has been destroyed, asking her to be let in when they ring the doorbell in 10 minutes. She calls for Ethan to quietly set up the visit. Back at the safehouse, Tony insists on working a lead instead of joining the convoy. Jack and Bill make him pinkie swear to turn himself in after all is said and done.

Meanwhile, Vossler places his new hostage into the trunk of his car.

Dubaku arrives at his spiffy apartment when there’s a knock on the door. Turns out, our bad guy has himself quite the waitress girlfriend! Even after a long day at work, she’s still up to making lasagna when he promised to come over. Of course, once she leaves, he puts his bad guy pants back on, calling Vossler to tell him to drop Henry at the Korean grocer across the street. It’s all about convenience with this guy. The time is now 3:00:00.

Next time on 24, the Prez learns Henry is a hostage and Jack is on the case!

Posted by:Brandon Millman