freddie prinze jr 24 320 '24': The turncoat security escort, the fail safe and Stephen RootThings are heating up on “24,” where Cole officially morphs into Jack and Stephen Root arrives to set the building on fire!

Yep, Dana definitely dug her hole deeper, what with her incessant lying and general craptastic attitude. It may not come across as that, but when you think about it, there is absolutely no way this ends well for her. First, she tries to talk Cole into submission in the CTU elevator. When he rebuffs her every move, she takes her much-deserved verbal beatdown from Brian Hastings, who demotes her to under Chloe. Adding insult to injury, Dead Kevin’s probation officer (Stephen Root!) calls her regarding multiple conversations she and Dead Kevin had when he was Alive Kevin. Naturally, she lies to Little Rock’s Bill Prady (not that one), setting up quite the interesting meeting in the next hour or so. Even after Brian chastises her, she still can’t get her act together.

Cole, on the other hand, has snapped back into common-sense mode, as he’s sent off to retrieve Elaine Al-Zacar, the mother of young Marcos (who is still locked in the hyperbaric chamber.) She initially doesn’t believe her son could be capable of such madness, but therein lies the strength of Cole Ortiz: the Jack Bauer-like ability to get the job done, no matter what. If this show continues in some form after Kiefer leaves, Dana must die (a la Teri) so that Cole can properly take the lead.

Poor Marcos. He feels betrayed by America for what they did to his father… among other things, he was jailed by the Wayne Palmer administration. He furiously works to reactivate the suicide vest, despite Jack’s every attempt at talking him down from the ledge. Standard terrorist rhetoric coming from the kid bomber, which frustrates Jack to no end. Just before Marcos finishes his work, Elaine arrives to talk some sense into her kid. Samir catches wind of this (via a spying Ali from a nearby rooftop) and presses for the vest to be detonated.

Chloe notices Ali and the boys hacking into the hospital camera feed and promptly shuts it down, just as Marcos emerges from the chamber. It should be noted that Jack assures him that he won’t personally take his mother to wherever the dirty bomb may detonate, just to watch her become contaminated and die if he cooperates with CTU. Of course, Ali freaks when he loses the feed and activates the vest’s fail-safe. Jack isn’t able to disarm the device in time, but before Marcos gets blown to smithereens, he reveals Tarin’s involvement in the whole deal…

Tarin at this point is still quietly tucked away in a hotel room with Kayla. They’re just a short time from requesting asylum, formally protecting them from the certain wrath that is Omar Hassan. Dalia is furiously calling Kayla, except she won’t answer. For their daughter’s sake, she and the president get the band back together and do everything they can to find her. Lucky for them, Jack calls with the information Marcos gave before becoming tomato paste. This time Kayla answers and is, at first, skeptical of what her mother is telling her. Somehow it sinks in that maybe her life is indeed in danger, and she finally reveals the location of her hotel. It seems making love to the hot, sexy Tarin has lost a bit of its luster, eh?

Tune in next week when we get quite the mighty twist at the :52 mark of the hour (nice twist on the promo for the next episode?)

Posted by:Brandon Millman