26actsofkindness sandy hook school shooting 26 Acts of Kindness: Ann Curry's campaign to honor the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary School shootingAfter a gunman killed 26 people — 20 of them young children — the world seemed paralyzed by shock and horror at the devastating tragedy.

Former “Today” show host Ann Curry was “inspired to act” — and inspired tens of thousands of others with a simple tweet on Sunday (Dec. 16) that quickly went viral.

“Imagine if we all committed to 20 acts of kindness for each child lost in Newtown? I’m in. RT #20Acts if YOU R in,” she wrote.

After expanding its number to 26 to include the school’s fallen teachers and staff, the 26 Acts of Kindness (#26Acts) became a full-fledged movement. As Curry notes in a blog post for NBC News:

“Some changed the hashtag to #26ActsOfKindness, some wanted to increase it to 27, and 28. All good. You are in charge of this wave now.”

Kindnesses shared by readers range from holiday cards to the Newton first responders to volunteering and financial help to those in need.

Have you been inspired by the 26 Acts campaign?

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