27 pound lobster 27 pound lobster caught in Maine    don't get out the butter sauce yetOh, put that bib away. The 27-pound lobster caught off the coast of Maine isn’t heading into a pot of boiling water. Cushing shrimp fisherman Robert Malone caught the giant guy on Friday (Feb. 17) but decided to give him to the Department of Marine Resources for its aquarium in Boothbay Harbor, making him the envy of crustaceans everywhere.

Hey, the monster lobster managed to live long enough to reach gigantic proportions. It’s only fair to let him carry on with his aquatic life. Rocky, named for the Rockland area he was caught in measures a whopping 40 inches long.

This is the biggest lobster ever brought to the aquarium, beating out the last one by over four pounds. The ones you typically dine on? They’re usually no more than a pound or two. The biggest one ever caught? That guy was 40 pounds! Imagine the claws on that thing! Rocky will enjoy a nice vacation at the aquarium and then he’ll be release back into the ocean, where we’re certain he’ll sing songs and give advice to mermaids.

Posted by:jbusch